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Product Listings for SCP Orthopedics AS
CSF Plus Acetabular Component (Prod 1607072)
DESIGN RATIONALE: Based on the clinically proven design of the F ... [more]
Furlong Evolution (Prod 1607073)
The geometry of the short Furlong Evolution stem is based on the ... [more]
Furlong H-A.C (Prod 1607071)
Furlong H-A.C is the world’s first HA-coated hip prosthesis. It ... [more]
Furlong Securus Revision Prosthesis (Prod 1607074)
The Furlong Securus prosthesis has been developed based on the ex ... [more]
Spider Frame (Prod 1607076)
Spider Frame is a circular external fixator indicated for both bo ... [more]
Unique (Prod 3000)
Unique® is a customized hip implant for hip arthroplasty ... [more]
VAIOS Prosthesis System (Prod 1607075)
VAIOS stands for Versatile, Anatomic, Inverse Optimised and Stabl ... [more]