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ACL Reconstruction System (Prod 9050)
Allows surgeon to precisely size and fit the length and diameter ... [more]
Active OS 10 Bone Cement (Prod 10554)
Contains hydroxapatite. For vertebral compression fractures bein ... [more]
Amplify (Prod 10528)
Amplify is a BMP-2 with a different formulation and carrier than ... [more]
Amplify rhBMP-2 Matrix (Prod 10656)
Designed for single level, posterolateral spine fusions.  Mu ... [more]
ANATOMIC PEEK PTC Cervical Fusion System (Prod 150124)
Pure Titanium Coating (PTC) platform of interbody fusion devices ... [more]
AnchorSew (Prod 1559)
Integrated anchoring / suture passing system Bioabsorbable anc ... [more]
Aquamantys 3 BSC 9.1S Bipolar Sealer with Cutting (Prod 12298)
The BSC 9.1S Bipolar Sealer with Cutting gives surgeons the abili ... [more]
Aquamantys Epidural Vein Sealer (EVS) (Prod 9527)
The EVS is designed to address the challenging anatomy in minimal ... [more]
Aquamantys Malleable Bipolar Sealer with Light (MBS) (Prod 8077)
This system utilizes proprietary Transcollation™ technology ... [more]
ArthroPort (Prod 1562)
Double seal system with cannulated obturator for use with a switc ... [more]
Atlantis Vision Elite Anterior Cervical Plate (Prod 11257)
Atlantis Vision Elite Anterior Cervical Plate is a titanium impla ... [more]
autoLog Autotransfusion System (Prod 4526)
The autoLog Autotransfusion System processes blood collected from ... [more]
AxiEM (Prod 2778)
AxiEM™ is an image-guided platform and offers the future se ... [more]
B-Twin Expandable Spinal System (Prod 1827)
Expandable Spinal System intended for use in lumbar spinal fusion ... [more]
BIOSYN Synthetic Absorbable Sutures (Prod 6426)
The strongest absorbable suture on the market out of package and ... [more]
BP Cages and Sextant Screws (Implant 47)BP Cages and Sextant Screws (Implant 47)
Contents BP-Lordotic cages (Spine-Tech) Sextant percutaneous p ... [more]
Bryan Artificial Cervical Disc (Prod 7184)
The Bryan is made from titanium and polyurethane, which is softer ... [more]
CAPROSYN Suture (Prod 6172)
Monofilament synthetic absorbable suture that provides short-term ... [more]
Capstone PTC Spinal System (Prod 150124)
Pure Titanium Coating (PTC) platform of interbody fusion devices ... [more]
CD Horizon Antares Spinal System (Prod 1307)
Rod based system for the management of thoracic, thoracolumbar, a ... [more]
CD Horizon BalanC Spinal System (Prod 12155)
The CD HORIZON BalanC™ Spinal System has received its CE Ma ... [more]
CD Horizon Eclipse Spinal System (Prod 1301)
Endoscopic scoliosis system. Spine fusion. ... [more]
CD Horizon Fenestrated Screw Spinal System (Prod 11495)
The CD HORIZONĀ® Fenestrated Screw Spinal System provides surgeon ... [more]
CD Horizon Legacy Spinal Systems (Prod 4009)
G4 Technology. Refined pedicle screw instrumentation. Reverse-a ... [more]
CD Horizon M8 and M10 Multi Axial Screw Spinal Systems (Prod 1310)
Multi Axial Screws utilize the same closure mechanism as other CD ... [more]
CD Horizon Pedicle Screws (Prod 11197)
CD Horizon® Pedicle Screws have been cleared by the FDA as an ... [more]