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Product Listings for Aesculap Implant Systems, Inc.
A-Fix Spinal System (Prod 10562)
The A-Fix Spinal System is a stand-alone interbody fusion device ... [more]
ABC2 Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plating System (Prod 10083)
The ABC2 Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plating System is one of the m ... [more]
Acculan 3Ti (Prod 10081)
The Acculan 3Ti is a battery-operated power system used in orthop ... [more]
activL® Artificial Disc (Prod 150619)
The activL® Artificial Disc has been FDA approved for the treatm ... [more]
Apfelbaum Odontoid Instruments (Prod 10084)
Apfelbaum Odontoid Instruments are designed for anterior odontoid ... [more]
ArcadiusXP L Stand-Alone Interbody Device
The ideal combination of optimized stability, improved imaging pr ... [more]
Bipolar Head System (Prod 10075)
Bipolar hips are a reliable and accepted treatment for hip fractu ... [more]
Caspar Cervical Retractor System (CCR) (Prod 10085)
The Caspar Cervical Retractor System was developed over 20 years ... [more]
Caspar Micro Lumbar Distactor (MLD) System (Prod 10092)
The Caspar MLD System is utilized during a microsurgical approach ... [more]
Columbus Knee System (Prod 6612)
The Columbus Knee System offers surgeons intra-operative solution ... [more]
CS2 System (Prod 10073)
The CS2 System offers the added benefit of highly cross-linked po ... [more]
Excia Hip System
Excia® specifically addresses three aspects of a modern hip s ... [more]
Hydrolift Vertebral Body Replacement (VBR) System
Hydrolift is the only VBR to use hydrostatic force for distractio ... [more]
MACS TL is a low profile anterior plating system designed to acco ... [more]
Metha Short Hip Stem
The Metha Short Hip Stem represents a new implant generation for ... [more]
Miaspas Mini TTA Instrument System
The Miaspas Mini TTA Instrument System was developed to safely pe ... [more]
Miaspas TL Instruments
The Miaspas TL instruments are designed with the surgeon in mind, ... [more]
Microspeed Uni Electric System
Microspeed uni electric system - Universal high speed system desi ... [more]
MIOS Knee Instruments
The MIOS Knee Instruments are designed for various surgical appro ... [more]
This is an image-free navigation system that partners seamlessly ... [more]
PL-AGE System
The PL-AGE system is a stand-alone device intended for use in ant ... [more]
Plasmacup System
The Plasmacup System has been proven effective in clinical use si ... [more]
Plasmafit™ Pro Acetabular System with the Vitelene™ Liner
The Plasmafit Pro two-piece system consists of a cementless titan ... [more]
Position HTO Maxi Plate
The Position HTO Maxi Plate complements the current Position HTO ... [more]
Position HTO Plate
The Position HTO Plate allows for a minimally invasive high tibia ... [more]
Prevision Modular Hip Revision Stem
Temporary distal interlocking of the Prevision® stem with scr ... [more]
ProSpace DBM-D
ProSpace DBM-D is a demineralized bone matrix available in two fo ... [more]
ProSpaceXP Interbody System (Prod 1502030
The ProSpaceXP Interbody System features PlasmaporeXP osteoconduc ... [more]
Quintex Anterior Cervical Plating System
Quintex was designed to offer performance ranging from rigid to d ... [more]
S4 Cervical Occipital Plating System (Prod 10639)
For promotion spinal fusion of the cervical and thoracic spine (C ... [more]