IMS Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.

Product Listings for IMS Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.
Bone Holding Forceps
Curved with wire guide. Bone reduction forcepts. Previously avai ... [more]
Bruns Ring Curettes
Previously available from Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. ... [more]
Cannulated Pin Cutter
Previously available from Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. ... [more]
Cast Scissors
German-made. Sharp cutting blade combined with a specially serra ... [more]
Cleaning Hose
Cleaning hose for power handpieces. Short. Prevents cleaning de ... [more]
Fiberoptic Cables (Prod 5111)
Color-coded fiberoptic light cables. Fully autoclavable. Can be ... [more]
Adson Hemostatic Forcep. Previously available from Spectrum Surgi ... [more]
Hohmann Retractors (Prod 10274)
Previously available from Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. ... [more]
Honeycomb-Handle Micro Spring Scissors
Better feel and comfort. Improved ease of cleaning. Available i ... [more]
Instrument Tip Protectors
Many sizes and colors in an assortment of surgical instrument tip ... [more]
Kerrison Rongeurs, Cleanable (Prod 10305)
Trigger mechanism that allows lifting of the cutting shaft for ea ... [more]
Knife Handles / Scalpel Handles
Microsurgical Blade Handles; Scalpel Handles. Previously availabl ... [more]
Large Orthopedic Pin Cutter
Made of stainless steel, these fully-autoclavable, precision pin ... [more]
Micro Suture Removal Scissor
Featuring a micronotch in the distal tip for slipping under the s ... [more]
Microgrind Surgical Scissors
German made. Microgrind surgical scissors. Lifetime warranty in ... [more]
Needle Holders
olsen-Hegar Needle Holder; Castroviejo Needle Holder; Crile-Wood ... [more]
Osteotome and Curette Racks in Cases (Prod 4653)
For Lambotte osteotomes, Bruns curettes, and others Curette stor ... [more]
Plastic Stitch Scissors
Reusable instruments made from high-grade, sterilizable plastic. ... [more]
Repair Smart
Repair Smart® minimizes the instances of failure and improves ... [more]
Repair Trackerâ„¢ (Prod 11194)
Easy-to-use, internet-based tracking of your scope through the re ... [more]
Beyer-Stille Rongeurs. Adson Rongeurs. Previously available from ... [more]
Mayo scissors. Iris scissors. Utility scissors. Cast cutting s ... [more]
Self Retaining Retractors
Weitlaner Retractors; Alm Retractors. Previously available from S ... [more]
Softgrip Mallets
Weights from 1/2 to 1 1/2 lbs. Interchangeable nylon discs. Aut ... [more]
Stainless Steel Orthopedic Pliers (Prod 7413)
Orthopedic pliers that are hand-crafted in Germany using the fine ... [more]
Stopper Corner Guard
Foot and corner shield for surgical trays. Designed to prevent h ... [more]
Surgical Instrument Repairs and Accessories
Dare to compare off-site repair. Previously available from Spectr ... [more]
Tissue Forceps
Beasley Babcock Tissue Forceps; Adson Tissue Forceps; Bonney Tiss ... [more]
Traction Finger Traps
Double-sleeved, soft mesh to firmly grip fingers.  Comfortab ... [more]
Wire Cutting Scissors
Previously available from Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. ... [more]