Pega Medical Inc.

Product Listings for Pega Medical Inc.
Dr. Paley's Osteotomy System (Prod 10171)
Dr. Paley's Osteotomy system is a set of surgical instruments esp ... [more]
Fassier-Duval Telescopic IM System (Prod 3039)
The Fassier-Duval Telescopic IM System is a telescopic rod / inte ... [more]
Free-Gliding SCFE Screw System (Prod 1802053)
The Free-Gliding SCFE Screw System is specifically designed to tr ... [more]
Gap Nail (Prod 12037)
Endo-exo medullary system.  Unique locking nail for small me ... [more]
Hinge Pediatric Plating System (Prod 10172)
The Hinge Pediatric Plating System is designed to correct deformi ... [more]
LolliPOP (Locking Pedatric Osteotomy Plate) System (Prod 1802051)
The LolliPOP (Locking Pedatric Osteotomy Plate) system is an inno ... [more]
Osteodisc (Prod 3038)
A bone mill for use in grafting procedures The Osteodisc consis ... [more]
SLIM (Simple Locking IntraMedullary) System (Prod 1802052)
New generation of pediatric orthopedic pins specifically designed ... [more]