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Product Listings for Xtant Medical
3Demin Cortical Fibers (Prod 150604)
3Demin Cortical Fibers is a demineralized allograft, intended for ... [more]
AmnioPro-A™ (Prod 1708242)
Flowable placental tissue matrix allograft designed for ambient t ... [more]
Aranax™ (Prod 150914)
Aranax is an anterior cervical fixation system that incorporates ... [more]
ArthroFuse (Prod 150604)
ArthroFuse is an allograft specifically designed for the treatmen ... [more]
Atrix-C™ (Prod 1708243)
The Atrix-C Cervical Allograft Interbody Spacer is precision-mill ... [more]
Axle® Interspinous Fusion System (Prod 10834)
The Axle Interspinous Fusion System is an internal fixation devic ... [more]
Axograft™ (Prod 150329)
Axograft is a Dual Layer Amniotic Membrane that is processed with ... [more]
Bacterin Diagnostics (Prod 6593)
Bacterin Diagnostics is a clinical diagnostics laboratory that fo ... [more]
Biofilm Assay (Prod 6594)
Bacterin has developed an in vitro assay to study bacterial attac ... [more]
Butrex Anterior Lumbar Buttress Plating System (Prod 150330)
The Butrex Anterior Lumbar Buttress Plating System utilizes the p ... [more]
Calix ATP™ (Prod 9651)
Calix ATP are Lumbar Interbody Spacers with implants for ALIF, TL ... [more]
Calix-C™ (Prod 1708244)
Calix-C is a Cervical Interbody Spacer System that is available a ... [more]
Capless Pedicle Screw Systems (Prod 6385)
Integral rotary locking mechanism to fixate rod directly to screw ... [more]
Certex® (Prod 1708245)
The Certex Spinal Implant System is an Occipito/Cervico/Thoracic ... [more]
Elutia Wound Drain (Prod 6590)
Elutia Wound Drain will be available with an anti-microbial coati ... [more]
Fixcet Spinal Facet Screw System (Prod 150330)
The Fixcet Spinal Facet Screw System is a unique percutaneous fac ... [more]
Fortex® (Prod 1708245)
The Fortex Pedicle Screw System consists of titanium alloy bone s ... [more]
Hgraft Spinal Implant System (Prod 11755)
Structural allograft implants designed for insertion into the int ... [more]
Hydragraft (Prod 150330)
Hydragraft is a unique hydratable human allograft specifically de ... [more]
Inductafil (DBM) (Prod 10835)
A unique graft material derived from trabecular bone that has com ... [more]
Irix-A™ (Prod 160304)
The Irix-A™ is a stand alone anterior lumbar fusion device cons ... [more]
Irix-C™ (Prod 150330)
The Irix-C™ Cervical Integrated Fusion System is a standalone l ... [more]
OsteoSelect DBM Putty (Prod 10204)
OsteoSelect® DBM Putty for orthopedic bone grafting applicati ... [more]
OsteoSponge (Prod 6591)
OsteoSponge® is a cancellous form of DBM made from 100% bone, ... [more]
OsteoSponge SC (Prod 11155)
OsteoSponge®SC is a subchondral bone void filler.   ... [more]
OsteoSTX (Prod 150604)
OsteoSTX are flexible cortical DBM matchsticks designed for multl ... [more]
OsteoVive (Prod 1708231)
OsteoVive is a next generation viable cell allograft combining os ... [more]
OsteoWrap® (Prod 1708241)
OsteoWrap is 100% human cortical bone demineralized through a pro ... [more]
SAM: (Self Assembling Monolayer) (Prod 6592)
Drugs such as antibiotics can be encased in the calcium phosphate ... [more]