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Allosheath™ (Prod 151201)
➢ Adaptable to any screw that is 4.5mm or less in diameter ➢ ... [more]
APERTURE Spinal Access System
APERTURE™ Spinal Access System is a spinal access system th ... [more]
BENGAL Stackable Cage System
The BENGAL® Stackable Cage System is a radiolucent, multileve ... [more]
BONE-LOK MVP Fixation Device (Prod 129)
The primary indications for this device is to be used in general ... [more]
BONE-LOK SLX Bicortical Fixation Device (Prod 98)
For correction of hallux valgus (bunion) and repair of metatarsal ... [more]
BONE-LOK SLX Cortical-Cancellous Fixation Device (Prod 128)
For correction of hallux valgus (bunion) and repair of metatarsal ... [more]
BOWTI™ Anterior Buttress Staple (Prod 4445)
A staple intended to prevent anterior expulsion of a cervical bon ... [more]
Bremer HALO CROWN System (Prod 4443)
May be used as a stand alone cervical traction device or for alig ... [more]
Minimally invasive system for iliac crest bone graft harvesting t ... [more]
Cervical Retractor Set (Prod 8164)
Radiolucent retractor system for standard approaches to the cervi ... [more]
Charite Artificial Disc
Total disc replacement with the Charite Artificial Disc has been ... [more]
CONCORDE Bullet Vertebral Body Replacement
The CONCORDE™ Bullet Vertebral Body Replacement is an impla ... [more]
CONCORDE Implant and Instrument System
The CONCORDE™ Implant and Instrument System features parall ... [more]
A synthetic porous ceramic graft material composed of Tricalcium ... [more]
Confidence Spinal Cement System
A putty-like, radio-opaque acrylic bone cement (PMMA) and innovat ... [more]
CONFORM CUBE is Demineralized Cancellous Bone. CONFORM CUBE is a ... [more]
CONFORM SHEET is a hydrated, pliable and totally demineralized ca ... [more]
COUGAR™ System (Prod 8113)
The COUGAR™ System is an Anterior Spinal Implant System develop ... [more]
DePuy Brantigan (Implant 50)DePuy Brantigan (Implant 50)
Contents Brantigan Cages and Miami-Moss Pedicle Screws Accordin ... [more]
The DEVEX™ System is indicated for use in the thoracolumbar ... [more]
DISCOVERY Facet Screw System (Prod 4437)
An aid to fusion by two different fixation methods: transfacet fi ... [more]
DOC Ventral Cervical Stabilization System
A dynamic, modular implant for stabilization of the cervical spin ... [more]
EAGLE Plus Rigid Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plating (ACP) System (Prod 8849)
EAGLE Plus Micro Plate is designed for short, one-level construct ... [more]
Evolution (Prod 6706)
One consolidated set of spinal implant removal instruments that c ... [more]
Expedium 4.5 Spine System (Prod 8745)
Titanium and stainless steel hook, rod and screw system designed ... [more]
Expedium Neuromuscular System (Prod 11852)
Modular system that consists of pro-contoured rods and proximal c ... [more]
Expedium Osteotomy System (Prod 1503281)
Comprehensive instrument set for facilitating procedures during t ... [more]
Expedium SFX (Prod 7903)
Top-loading design and snap-fit feature to simplify cross-connect ... [more]
EXPEDIUM VERSE® Spinal System (Prod 151018)
The EXPEDIUM VERSE® Spinal System is a new all-in-one pedicle ... [more]