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Product Listings for Stemcup Medical Products AG
BreXis Short-Stem (Prod 150213)
Thank`s to the proximal anchorage of the stem in the methaphysis ... [more]
BSC Hip Cup (Prod 150213)
The spherical BSC Hip Cup was developed in collaboration with Pro ... [more]
BSC-Stem (Prod 150213)
The BSC-Stem, adapted to the human anatomy (according to Prof. G. ... [more]
Costa-stem (Prod 150213)
The Costa-stem is a modern triple-tapered straight-stem made of a ... [more]
ISC Interlock Cup (Prod 150213)
In the development and design of the ISC Interlock Cup the prevai ... [more]
SC-Cup (Prod 150213)
The cementless SC-Cup is a conically shaped threaded cup made of ... [more]
SCS/SCL-Stem (Prod 150213)
The cementless SCS/SCL-Stem system with long sectional anchoring ... [more]
SSC Cup (Prod 150213)
The cementless SSC cup is a parabolically shaped threaded cup mad ... [more]
Stelia-Stem (Prod 150213)
Due to the reduced lateral shoulder of the prosthesis, the trocha ... [more]
Straight-Stem (Prod 150213)
The Straight-Stem is a hip prosthesis proven effective for decade ... [more]
XentraX (Prod 150213)
The cementless XentraX cup is equipped with a patented self-cutti ... [more]