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Acu-Loc 2 Volar Distal Radius Plating System
Unique two piece locking compression screw with new instrumentati ... [more]
Acu-Loc Targeted Distal Radius System
The anatomic design of the titanium plate, in conjunction with pr ... [more]
Acutrak (Prod 1939)
Headless compression screw system. ... [more]
Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw (Prod 7480)
The Acutrak 2 Headless Compression Screw is the next generation i ... [more]
Acutrak Fusion System (Prod 1936)
For interphalangeal fusions of both the foot and hand. ... [more]
Acutrak Plus / 4/5 (Prod 1938)
Headless compression screws for medium to large bones where a 4.5 ... [more]
Acutrak STD / Mini (Prod 1937)
Headless compression screws for small to medium size bones where ... [more]
Acutwist Compression Screw
Acutwist Acutrak Compression Screw. Combines the Acutrak headles ... [more]
Anatomic Radial Head System
Anatomic, non-circular radial head prosthesis for radial head fra ... [more]
Biotrak Headless Resorbable Compression Screw System (Prod 8204)
The Biotrak Headless Resorbable Compression Screw System uses a ... [more]
Bone Graft Harvester (Prod 2019)
Compact bone graft harvesting system that allows for morsellized ... [more]
Callos (Prod 8728)
Calcium phosphate cement indicated for filling bony defects in ca ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 619)
3.7/2.7. Easy screw placement in both systems is achieved with t ... [more]
Congruent Clavicle Plate
Precontured clavicle plating system. Low profile. Anatomic desi ... [more]
Congruent Forearm Compression Plates
Anatomic midshaft forearm plates, midshaft volar radius plates, d ... [more]
Congruent Plate System
Distal Radius Plates; Distal Tibia / Fibula Plates; Clavicle Plat ... [more]
DRFS / Distal Radius Fragment Specific Plates
Combines with the Acu-Loc 2 for flexibility in management of dist ... [more]
Elbow Plating System
For comminuted olecranon fractures, transverse olecranon fracture ... [more]
Fibula Rod System (Prod 9819)
Alternative choice for fixing unstable ankle fractures in patient ... [more]
Foot & Ankle Plating System
Pre-contoured, low profile plates. ... [more]
Forefoot and Midfoot Plating System
Locking technology. Counterbore/countersink design. Locking scr ... [more]
Hexalobe Screw
Drive interface that reduces the chances of stripping the screw.& ... [more]
Hub Cap Limited Wrist Fusion Plate
For four corner and other limited wrist fusions. ... [more]
Intramedullary Retrograde Humeral Rods
Its unique design and surgical entry point can assist those surge ... [more]
Intramedullary Rod System for the Radius, Ulna
An array of features designed to rotationally stabilize and reduc ... [more]
Locking Ankle Plate System
Low profile. Locking technology. ... [more]
Locking Calcaneal Plate
Anatomic, ultra-low profile plate with added strength through the ... [more]
Locking Clavicle Plate (Prod 9997)
Thinner. Stronger. Superior results. ... [more]
Locking Scapula Plate System
3 plates with different pre-contoured designs to eliminate the ne ... [more]