Episcan Biomedical Technologies

Product Listings for Episcan Biomedical Technologies
Cannulated Screws (Prod 1609051)
Cortical cannulated screws designed for forefoot and other small ... [more]
Epinail Elbow (Prod 1609056)
Titanium intramedullar nail for the fixation of the olecranon F ... [more]
EpiUno™ Fixation System
Dynamic disposable fixation system for metaphyseal fractures In ... [more]
Headless Screws (Prod 1609052)
Double threaded, Herbert type, cannulated, Titanium screws Stan ... [more]
Mini Staples (Prod 1609053)
Titanium and steel mini staples Titanium mini staples ... [more]
Snap-off Screws (Prod 1609054)
Titanium, break-away, compression screws 2 mm 2.5 m ... [more]