GM Reis

Product Listings for GM Reis
2A System (Prod 874)
An anterior thoracolumbar fixation system. ... [more]
A-ROM (Prod 875)
An adjustable titanium cervical ROM Mesh. ... [more]
Anchortek (Prod 814)
Non-Threaded Anchor for Soft Tissue Reattachment ... [more]
Cannulated Screws PCC (Prod 871)
PCC - Large Fragment Cannulated Screws: 7.0 mm diameter self-tapp ... [more]
Cervical Fuser (Prod 876)
Interbody fusion screw. ... [more]
Dinamika (Prod 8548)
DINAMIKA is a dynamic pedicular fixation system to correct and st ... [more]
Dynafix (Prod 880)
A dynamic fixator used for spine stabilization. ... [more]
Endopedimax (Prod 884)
Percutaneous Pedicular Screw - it is possible to perform pedicula ... [more]
Exacto (Prod 885)
A simple and versatile system that uses a pedicular pin (shanz sc ... [more]
FEF- Finger External Fixator (Prod 825)
FINGER EXTERNAL FIXATOR: For phalangeal fixations. Uses 1.5 mm pi ... [more]
Flexdisc (Prod 883)
Total Disc Prosthesis - this product is no longer being produced ... [more]
FMSA External Fixator (Prod 868)
For "Colles" fractures. Uses 3.2 mm and 2.5 mm pins. It is artic ... [more]
Gama Cables - 1.2 mm Cable System (Prod 877)
This system consists of a 1.2 mm titanium cable with one end made ... [more]
HY - Calcaneus Plate System (Plate 869)
A titanium plate system for calcaneus fracture fixation. ... [more]
Interfix - Interference Screw (Prod 817)
Available in diameters of 7 and 9 mm and lengths of 20, 25 and 30 ... [more]
Intrafix - Pediatric Superelastic Nail (Prod 870)
Pediatric fixation of tibia, femur and screw. Adult and pediatr ... [more]
Letra (Prod 881)
Intersomatic fixation system for lateral retroperitoneal transpso ... [more]
Ligament Screws (Prod 822)
Available: 4.5 mm diameter screws with cortical threads and 7.0 m ... [more]
Ligament Washers (Prod 823)
Two types of titanium ligament washers are available: smooth and ... [more]
Lumbar Fuser (Prod 882)
Interbody fusion screw is an innovative device for spinal fusion ... [more]
Mini Pcc (Prod 8549)
Odontoid Screw for posterior cervical fixation. ... [more]
Mini Rotax - Small Screw Anchor (Prod 816)
2.6 mm Screw Anchor for Soft Tissue Reattachment ... [more]
Nexus (Prod 873)
Titanium thoracolumbar plate system for anterior spine fixation. ... [more]
No Pin External Fixator (Prod 8550)
The No Pin External Fixator uses clamps rather than pins to secur ... [more]
PDR - Double Thread Compression Screws (Prod 872)
Cannulated self-tapping double thread compression screw set. Stai ... [more]
Posfix (Prod 878)
The system is a posterior cervical plate system indicated for fix ... [more]
Retrofix (Prod 864)
A titanium retrograde interlocking nail system with nails for tib ... [more]
Rotax - Screw Anchor (Prod 815)
Designed to reattach soft tissue to cancellous bone. 3.9 mm. ... [more]
Small Quickfix (Prod 866)
Tube-tube fixator for upper-limb fixation. Uses 2.5 mm pins. ... [more]
Syrius (Prod 879)
Versatile titanium anterior cervical plate system. ... [more]