Stryker Spine

Product Listings for Stryker Spine
AccuLIF (Prod 11792)
Expandable Interbody Fusion System • Precise in-situ distracti ... [more]
AccuLIF-TL (Prod 11791)
AccuLIF is a crescent shaped, expandable Interbody Fusion (IBF) c ... [more]
Aero-C Cervical Stability System (Prod 160311)
The Aero-C Cervical Stability System is an anterior cervical disc ... [more]
Aero™-AL (Prod 150623)
Aero™-AL is an in-line ALIF device that compresses across the ... [more]
AlloCraft PL (Prod 4268)
AlloCraft™ PL is a PLIF allograft spacer product composed o ... [more]
Bone Craft (Prod 4267)
Bone Craft™ is an allograft bone preparation system for PLI ... [more]
Cervicore™ Cervical Intervetebral Disc Replacement (Prod 7985)
Intended to replace a degenerated disc in the cervical spine, per ... [more]
Cohesion Bone Cement (Prod 141213)
Cohesion Bone Cement is a PolyMethyl MethAcrylat(PMMA) bone cemen ... [more]
Cortoss™ Bone Augmentation Material (Prod 11382)
Cortoss™ can be used with the Aliquot™ Directional Bone Tamp ... [more]
FlexiCore Intervertebral Disc Replacement (Prod 4240)
The Flexicore® Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Replacement is inte ... [more]
Imbibe (Prod 8201)
The Imbibe product platform is a family of disposable products de ... [more]
Interface (Prod 141213)
Interface is a biological alternative to existing orthopedic ceme ... [more]
Masterflow Injection System (Prod 141213)
Masterflow Injection System for mixing and injecting orthopedic c ... [more]
OASYS (Prod 4262)
The OASYS™ occipito-cervico-thoracic system was developed f ... [more]
Ray TFC (Threaded Fusion Cage) (Prod 4265)
The Ray Threaded Fusion Cage is a posterior cage that is a hollow ... [more]
Ray TFC Unite (Prod 4266)
The Ray TFC Unite™ Device is the anterior alternative to th ... [more]
REFLEX (Prod 4260)
The REFLEX™ anterior cervical plating system is designed to ... [more]
RHAKOSS (Prod 1874)
This product was previoulsy available from Orthovita but is no lo ... [more]
Serrato Pedicle Screw (Prod 1708202)
The Serrato Pedicle Screw system is indicated for use in the non- ... [more]
SpineJack® System (Prod 171115)SpineJack® System (Prod 171115)
Designed for the Anatomical Reduction of Vertebral Compression Fr ... [more]
Tempus Anterior Cervical Plating System (Prod 150329)
The Tempus Anterior Cervical Plating System features secondary lo ... [more]
Tether (Prod 4261)
The Tether anterior cervical plating system offers the option of ... [more]
VBOSS (Prod 4264)
The Vertebral Body Support System (VBOSS) is designed to replace ... [more]
Vitagel Surgical Hemostat (Prod 4669)
Vitagel Surgical Hemostat is a FDA approved Class III medical dev ... [more]
Vitasure™ Absorbable Hemostat (Prod 8743)
Vitasure™ Absorbable Hemostat is a FDA approved Class III medic ... [more]
Vitoss™ BA Bimodal Bone Graft Substitute (Prod 11124)
Non-structural bone void filler for use in the extremities, pelvi ... [more]
Vitoss™ Bioactive Foam Pack (Prod 9070)
Vitoss™ Bioactive Foam Pack includes proprietary bioactive glas ... [more]
Vitoss™ Bioactive Foam-2X Bone Graft Substitute (Prod 11176)
Vitoss Bioactive Foam-2X Bone Graft Substitute, a non-structural ... [more]