Zavation (ZV)

Product Listings for Zavation (ZV)
Cervical Plate System/Midline Cervical Plate System
Low profile design; Simple, visual, and tactile 1/4 turn locking ... [more]
HA/TCP Bone Graft Substitute (Prod 1803051)
HA/TCP Bone Graft Substitute is a microporous and macroporous bip ... [more]
Z-LINK Lumbar (Prod 1803055)
Z-LINK Lumbar easy screw placement large graft hole simple, v ... [more]
Z-LINK™ Cervical (Prod 1803053)
Z-LINK™ Cervical Plate easy screw placement large graft hole ... [more]
Z-SPAN (Prod 1803054)
Z-SPAN multiple options to support patient anatomy low profile ... [more]
Zavation IBF System
PEEK construction with large graft holes; Robust insertion instru ... [more]
Zavation Pedicle Screw System (Prod 1803052)
Polyaxial screw accepts 5.5mm or 6.0mm rods; Options of either st ... [more]
ZVPlasty™ Vertebral Augmentation System
The ZVPlasty™ is designed for use in vertebroplasty or kyphopla ... [more]