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Product Listings for Merete GmbH
Acetabular Roof Ring (Prod 732)
Cement-Reinforcement ... [more]
Cancellous Screws (Prod 686)
Spongiosa Titanscrews and TioFin®: 6,5 mm Titanium screw with ... [more]
Cannulated Screws AnchorHead (Prod 685)
AnchorHead Material: "Titan" ... [more]
Ceramic Modular Heads Biolox forte Al2O3 (Prod 700)
Ceramic Modular Heads Biolox® forte Al2O3 are modular ceramic ... [more]
Cross-Shell with Rim (Prod 729)
Cement-Reinforcement ... [more]
DuoThread (Prod 5493)
Cannulated, titanium screw for osteotomies of the metatarsal I ac ... [more]
Dynamic Hip Screws (DHS) (Prod 680)
Material: CrNiMo ISO 5832 ... [more]
Femur Sheats (Prod 737)
Cement-Reinforcement ... [more]
Heads CoCrMo (Prod 698)
Modular heads Material: CoCrMo ... [more]
Ligament Staples (Prod 759)
CpCrMo and Titanium ... [more]
Merete BLP (Prod 8566)
The Merete BLP™ System is used for adult and pediatric pati ... [more]
MetaFix I (Prod 5492)
MetaFix™ I is a locking plate osteosynthesis system for a p ... [more]