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Product Listings for LockDown Medical Limited
ABC (Active Biological Cruciate Ligament Scaffold) (Prod 7706)
Biological scaffold device for cruciate ligament reconstruction ... [more]
Buttonhole Soffix (Prod 7707)
The Buttonhole Soffix (also known as the "Hamstring Soffix") is a ... [more]
Rotator Cuff Tendon Repair (Prod 2805)
This product consists of a high resistance biocompatible polyeste ... [more]
S-Quattro (Prod 7708)
The S-Quattro has been developed as a versatile system to achieve ... [more]
Soffix Pleth (Prod 2809)
This technique uses a loop braid consisting of four strands of se ... [more]
Surgilig or Lockdown (Prod 2804)
Coracoclavicular Ligament Reconstruction. Indications: A Rock ... [more]
Triceps Tendon (Prod 2806)
This artificial triceps tendon is used in restoration of extensio ... [more]