Product Listings for Eurospine
Alif Double Locking Cage A2L (Prod 10132)
Part of a wide range of radiolucent cages equipped with a unique ... [more]
Cage Plif: UCH
UCH® is an interbody lumbo-sacral cage in PEEK OPTIMA LT® used ... [more]
Cervical Locking Cages HRCC (Prod 10130)
HRCC Cervical Locking Cages have ingeniously provided the ability ... [more]
Locking Cage Plif: HRL (Prod 10131)
HRL Lumbar Locking Posterior Cages is a rediolucent cage which be ... [more]
Locking Cervical Cage HRCC® (Prod 1801216)
Locking cervical cage HRCC® is part of a range of stand alone ca ... [more]
Multiaxial RH Screw (Prod 10133)
Multiaxial RH screw is a solid monobloc particular screw which al ... [more]
Ostheosynthesis System Modular Plate Multifunction MPM® (Prod 10129)
This system offers multiaxial monobloc solid screws (innovative c ... [more]
Ostheosynthesis System MPM-U
The ostheosynthesis system MPM-U® is a up-loading pedicular scre ... [more]
Rod System (ERS) (Prod 10134)
Classic Rod System that is a traditional alternative to the MPM d ... [more]
UCC Cervical Cage (Prod 10135)
The classical PEEK UCC Cervical Cage is titanium-reinforced, shar ... [more]
UCL Lumbar Plif Cage (Prod 10136)
The classical solution, our UCL Lumbar Posterior Cages are a larg ... [more]