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AKS (Anderson Knee Stabler) (Prod 2887)
Available in standard and short hinge formats, the Sports Master ... [more]
APEX Bipolar™ (Prod 9714)
The APEX Bipolar™ femoral head replacement has been designed to ... [more]
APEX K1™ Stem (Prod 9713)
Inspired by the clinically proven design philosophy of a dual tap ... [more]
APEX K2 Modular™ Hip System (Prod 9715)
Inspired by the clinically proven design profile of the original ... [more]
APEX Knee System (Prod 8575)
The Apex knee is offered in a wide range of primary sizes as well ... [more]
Apex Modular Hip System (Prod 6411)
Designed to provide surgeons with a concise and logical set of op ... [more]
Apex Posterior Stabilized (PS) Knee (Prod 11502)
The Apex PS Knee maintains the key design elements of the existin ... [more]
ApeX-LNK (Prod 8779)
Highly crosslinked polyethylene liner. Engineered to provide the ... [more]
CINCH Sport (Prod 2881)
The CINCH Sport is a convenient and effective stabilizer for all ... [more]
FOCUS (Prod 2882)
Unique channel and U-shaped pad provide focal compression of the ... [more]
The FUNCTIONAL ARM BRACE (FAB) was designed to allow immobilizati ... [more]
Global GRU™ Unicondylar Knee Replacement System (Prod 9717)
Partial knee implant designed to repair only one side of the knee ... [more]
Global RBK Patella-Femoral Knee Replacement System (Prod 9716)
System designed for patients with specific degeneration in only o ... [more]
iBlock (Prod 11405)
The iBlock automated cutting guide replaces the conventional manu ... [more]
Icon Force XC Osteoarthritis Brace (Prod 6413)
The patented X-Cell System not only serves as a comfortable soft ... [more]
InterFace Cup System (Prod 6412)
Acetabular implant design has often been a compromise between lin ... [more]
Nanoblock® (Prod 11406)
The Nanoblock® allows fine adjustment of the varus / valgus angl ... [more]
Nanostation Basic Instrument Set (Prod 11407)
The basic instrument set includes  all accessories necessary ... [more]
OMNINAV™ Robotic Surgery Platform (Prod 141117)
OMNIPlasty is the only navigation driven robotic total knee proce ... [more]
Praxiteles (Prod 8497)
Mini robot used in conjunction with computer-assisted surgical na ... [more]
PTO Brace (Prod 2889)
PTO Brace utilizes an adjustable external pressure cuff to exert ... [more]
Unique plushprene sleeve is durable, lightweight and provides exc ... [more]
Unique plushprene sleeve is durable, lightweight and provides exc ... [more]
STRIDE FIXED (Prod 2880)
Low heel height eliminates pelvic tilt and ensures no leg length ... [more]
STRIDE ROM (Prod 2879)
ROM or fixed positions can be set in 5 degree increments. Range o ... [more]
ULTRACOOL (Prod 2884)
The UltraCool Post Op Brace provides a fixed or range of motion c ... [more]
ULTRALITE (Prod 2883)
Post op brace The UltraLite Post Op Brace provides a fixed ... [more]