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Product Listings for Breg, Inc.
Achilles Hi-Top Boot (Prod 1494)
Eliminates casting series required to stretch the Achilles tendon ... [more]
Adjustable Sling (Prod 2316)
This sling is completely universal. The length of the sling pocke ... [more]
Aligner OA Knee Brace (Prod 1499)
The Aligner OA Knee Brace uses muscle power to place a laterally ... [more]
Axiom Custom Functional Brace (Prod 4733)
Previously available from Bledsoe Brace. ... [more]
Back Support With Side Pulls (Prod 2366)
One of the lowest profile back supports on the market today. Dura ... [more]
Breg Impact® Ancillary In-House DME/Bracing Program (Prod 2007143)
Contents Utilizes consultants and Breg Vision® workflow softwa ... [more]
Conformer Diabetic Boot (Prod 1501)
Dual density mid-sole to accomodate most Charcot foot conditions. ... [more]
Controlled Range of Motion Walker (Prod 2322)
Rocker Bottom. 10 degree range of motion increments. Range of mot ... [more]
e-PainCare (Prod 6029)
Postoperative pain management system that is easy, programmable, ... [more]
Elastic Lumbar Support (Prod 2365)
One of the most popular and comfortable lumbar supports offered. ... [more]
EZ Brace (Prod 1731)
LSO and TLSA orthoses for post-op and no-operative patients who r ... [more]
Flexmate K500 Knee CPM (Prod 2363)
The FLEXMATE K500 is an anatomically correct CPM designed to acco ... [more]
Flexmate S-500 Shoulder CPM (Prod 2364)
The FLEXMATE S-500 is an anatomically correct CPM designed to acc ... [more]
FreeRunner™ (Prod 150514)
The FreeRunner brace acts on the anatomy of the knee in a manner ... [more]
Functional Elbow Brace (Prod 2320)
An off-the-shelf product ideal for protecting range of motion dur ... [more]
Fusion XT Knee Brace (Prod 5721)
The Fusion XT is a functional hinged knee brace designed to prote ... [more]
HEX Elbow Brace (Prod 5835)
A three in one elbow brace to manage range of motion, control mig ... [more]
Inventory Management System (IMS) (Prod 5237)
Simple and efficient means to organize and manage orthopaedic sup ... [more]
Knee Support (Prod 2361)
Designed to provide mild compression, padding and warmth to the k ... [more]
KoolAir Ankle (Prod 2353)
The KoolAir ankle features a pre-inflated air pocket for comfort ... [more]
LPR Ligament Knee Brace (Prod 11130)
LPR™ Ligament Knee Brace provides rigid, lightweight protec ... [more]
Mini Walker Boot (Prod 11276)
Mini Walker Boot provides protection for stable fractures and ank ... [more]
Neutral Wedge (Prod 2317)
An immobilizer designed to keep the arm in a "Neutral Position" ... [more]
Pain Care 3200 Pain Pump (Prod 2715)
Designed for post-operative pain control, the 3200 offers approxi ... [more]
Pain Care 4200 Pain Pump (Prod 2716)
The 4200 lasts approximately 4 days with a 2-cc/hour drip. It inc ... [more]
Patellar Tendon Strap (Prod 2362)
This neoprene buttress strap is ideal for treating knee pain asso ... [more]
PFS - Plantar Fasciitis Support (Prod 1496)
Unlike shoe inserts or non-elastic bands, the PFS maintains tensi ... [more]
Philippon Post-Op Hip Brace (Prod 8188)
The Philippon Post-Op Hip Brace was developed in collaboration wi ... [more]
Pin Cam Walker (Prod 2323)
Range of Motion 0 - 45 degrees dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. ... [more]