Life Spine

Product Listings for Life Spine
Adjustable Spine Distraction Implant (Prod 12299)
The "Adjustable Spine Distraction Implant" is an addition to ... [more]
Aileron InterSpinous Fixation System (Prod 11751)
Aileron™ is a minimally invasive adjustable InterSpino ... [more]
Arx (Prod 7466)
The Arx® is a top-loading thoracolumbar pedicle screw system ... [more]
AVATAR Minimally Invasive Spinal System (Prod 9923)
The AVATAR MIS System provides a unique approach to delivering pe ... [more]
CENTERLINE™ Thoracolumbar Spinal System (Prod 151019)
The CENTERLINE Thoracolumbar Spinal System contains cortical canc ... [more]
CENTRIC Lateral Retractor System (Prod 150929)
The CENTRIC Lateral Retractor System offers independently control ... [more]
CONQUEST Thoracolumbar Spinal System (Prod 11744)
The CONQUEST Thoracolumbar Spinal System is a top-loading thoraco ... [more]
DYNA-LINK Spinal System (Prod 11746)
The DYNA-LINK Spinal System features a next-generation, stand-alo ... [more]
FS3 Facet Screw Spinal System (Prod 11749)
The FS3 Facet Screw Spinal System is a cannulated screw system th ... [more]
Ghost™ (Prod 7465)
The Ghost™ is a minimally invasive system made from Invibo® PE ... [more]
GRUVE Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 160421)
The innovation of the GRUVE Anterior Cervical Plate’s locking m ... [more]
Kinetic Dynamic ACP System (Prod 11743)
The Kinetic Dynamic ACP System is a one of a kind internally dyna ... [more]
Kinetic-SL Anterior Cervical Plate (Prod 7464)
The Kinetic® is an internally dynamizing anterior cervical pl ... [more]
LONGBOW Expandable Lateral Interbody System (Prod 150929)
The LONGBOW Expandable Lateral Interbody System is a radially exp ... [more]
LYNX Cross Connector (Prod 11745)
The LYNX Cross Connector utilizes an innovative design that featu ... [more]
META-LINK® D Dry & H Hydrated Amnion Tissue Membrane (Prod 150929)
Product that is derived from amniotic tissue and is an immune-pri ... [more]
META-LINK® Flowable Amnion Tissue Matrix (Prod 150929)
Immune-privileged allograft that provides a structural matrix to ... [more]
NEO ACP System (Prod 7461)
The NEO is anterior cervical plating system that allows for gener ... [more]
NEO-SL ACP System (Prod 11742)
The NEO-SL ACP System is an ultra slim anterior cervical plating ... [more]
OSTEO-LINK® Demineralized Bone Matrix (Prod 150929)
OSTEO-LINK is a demineralized Bone Matrix derived from 100% allog ... [more]
Pilot (Prod 7462)
The Pilot® is a thoracolumbar pedicle screw system that can b ... [more]
Pilot Posterior Plate (Prod 7463)
The Pilot® Posterior Plate offers the same versatility as the ... [more]
Plateau (Prod 7467)
The Plateau™ series spacers are manufactured from Invibo&re ... [more]
Plateau-A Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System (Prod 11747)
The Plateau-A Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System is a compre ... [more]
PLATEAU-Ti Spacer System (Prod 1606117)
Titanium interbody device indicated for posterior lumbar interbod ... [more]
PRESIDIO Spinal Plating System (Prod 11748)
The PRESIDIO Spinal Plating System is an anterior thoracolumbar p ... [more]
Pro-Link (Prod 11750)
Pro-Link™ is an interbody cage/screw construct. ... [more]
ProLift™ (Prod 7468)
Vertebral body replacement device that interconnects with a modul ... [more]