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AC-Plate by Dreithaler
AC-Plate by Dreithaler is an anatomically designed hook plate for ... [more]
Plate for use in AC-luxation (Types Tossy III, Rockwood III - V) ... [more]
Adcon L
Adcon® L inhibits post-surgical scarring and adhesions follow ... [more]
Angle-stable distal Radius Plate
For the stable, palmar treatment of flexion and extension fra ... [more]
Angle-Stable Plate for Proximal Humerus
The angle-stable plates for treating fractures of the upper and l ... [more]
Hip Compression set Article-No. IC 6000-00 ... [more]
Artosal is a resorbable / absorbable bone substitute, available i ... [more]
Biorigid Nail Femur (Prod 236)
Reportedly no longer available. ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 2187)
Cannulated screw systems in seven diameters with reinforced Leadi ... [more]
C~ment is a product range of bone cements that is used for the fi ... [more]
C~ment direct
C~ment direct has all components close to hand for mixing C~ment. ... [more]
C~plug is a resorbable bone cement plug or cement restrictor. ... [more]
C~vac is a vacuum-mixing and delivery system for bone cement. It ... [more]
Dynamic Hip Screw System
The dynamic hip screw system has been developed for osteosynthesi ... [more]
EASYMIX® is a bone cement mixing system. It consists of an EA ... [more]
New orthopaedic bone cement HI-FATIGUE® & HI-FATIGUE® ... [more]
LOQTEQ Trauma Plating System
LOQTEQ® products include six plating systems to address ortho ... [more]
The MEBIO Knee is a modular prosthetic system for axis-free total ... [more]
Osnatal is an allograft human origin, thus the structural propert ... [more]
PerOssal® is designed for use as a permanent filler or for bo ... [more]
SM Straight Shaft Hip Endoprosthesis
The SM straight shaft hip endoprosthesis made of a cobalt chrome ... [more]
SM Straight Stem
The SM straight shaft hip endoprosthesis shows a CCD corner of 13 ... [more]
Trauma Shoulder System
The trauma shoulder system based on Schauwecker and Mueller permi ... [more]
VarioFit Classic
The VarioFit® Classic hip prosthesis is comprised of a femora ... [more]