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Acetabular Plate (Prod 638)
Titanium, designed as supporting structure for cemented UHMWPE cu ... [more]
Anti-dislocation Acetabular Cup (Prod 269)
Cemented Acetabular cup: Lateral portion to provide greater cove ... [more]
BCM System (Prod 643)
Dynamic screw system that can be used with IM nail or side plate. ... [more]
Biolox Delta Ceramic Knee (Prod 9710)
Ceramic femoral component for people with hypersensitivity to met ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 645)
SST screws: 6.5 SELF-TAPPING, TITANIUM ALLOY ... [more]
Cemented Acetabular Cups (Prod 642)
Standard, low-profile and lateralized versions. ... [more]
CL Revision (Prod 273)
Characterized by a long collared stem with rectangular cross-sect ... [more]
CL Trauma (Prod 274)
The 12/14 taper is compatible with all femoral heads having 22.2, ... [more]
Delta TT Trabecular Titanium Acetabular Component (Prod 8645)
Combines a modular concept with an innovative porous structure. ... [more]
Discovery Elbow System (Prod 4296)
A posterior locking elbow implant, The Discovery™ Elbow Sys ... [more]
Friendly Femoral Stem (Prod 270)
The Friendly is a straight stem made from FeCrNiMnMoNbN alloy, de ... [more]
H-Moos (Prod 271)
Stems are produced in CoCrMo alloy; they are straight and symmetr ... [more]
LIMA Delta Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 2205272)LIMA Delta Total Hip Prosthesis (Implant 2205272)
LIMA Corporate spa Delta TT Cup, Revision Stem.  All uncemen ... [more]
Lima SMR High Modularity Shoulder System (Prod 275)
TOTAL SHOULDER PROSTHESIS. Modular shoulder prostheses that can ... [more]
Logica (Prod 272)
Fully polished straight collarless stem. For cemented applicatio ... [more]
Low Profile Acetabular Component (Prod 268)
Acetabular component for reduced depth or shallow acetabulums. ... [more]
Multigen Total Knee System (Prod 239)
Options: CR Femoral component PS Femoral component Regular Tib ... [more]
Physica System (Prod 150428)
The system includes three different types of total knee implants. ... [more]
Randelli (Prod 276)
Modular total shoulder system has been designed for uncemented ap ... [more]
RPS (Prod 277)
HUMERAL HEAD PROSTHESIS. TUMOR PROSTHESIS. Cemented humeral sys ... [more]
SL Straight Stem (Prod 257)
Cemented or uncemented capabilities. ... [more]
SMR Anatomic (Prod 8818)
Total shoulder replacement arthroplasty prosthesis. ... [more]
SMR Modular Shoulder System (Prod 150113)
The SMR™ Modular Shoulder System allows the choice of shoul ... [more]
SMR Reverse (Prod 8817)
For patients with advanced rotator cuff arthropathy. ... [more]