Implant Identification

Elbow, Total:  Pritchard-Walker II (Implant 350)Elbow, Total: Pritchard-Walker II (Implant 350)
Contents Pritchard-Walker II Total Elbow Prosthesis No further ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Schlein  (Implant 359)Elbow, Total: Schlein (Implant 359)
Contents Schlein Total Elbow Prosthesis Semi-constrained Meta ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Shiers  (Implant 340)Elbow, Total: Shiers (Implant 340)
Contents Shiers' Elbow Prosthesis Metal-to-metal Hinged Cons ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  St. Georg-Bucholz  (Implant 364)Elbow, Total: St. Georg-Bucholz (Implant 364)
Contents St. Georg-Bucholz Constrained Metal and HDPE From ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  St. Georg-Bucholz (Implant 351)Elbow, Total: St. Georg-Bucholz (Implant 351)
Contents St. Georg-Bucholz Total Elbow Prosthesis Semi-constra ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Stanmore  (Implant 341)Elbow, Total: Stanmore (Implant 341)
Elbow: Stanmore Total Elbow Prosthesis. Metal-to-metal. Hinged ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Swanson  (Implant 352)Elbow, Total: Swanson (Implant 352)
Swanson Total Elbow Prosthesis. Silastic. Used with reinforced ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Swanson  (Implant 353)Elbow, Total: Swanson (Implant 353)
Swanson Total Elbow Prosthesis (sketch). Semi-constrained. Vita ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Triazial  (Implant 354)Elbow, Total: Triazial (Implant 354)
Triazial Total Elbow Prosthesis. No further information availabl ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Volz (Implant 355)Elbow, Total: Volz (Implant 355)
Volz Total Elbow Prosthesis. Semi-constrained. 3 components. P ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Wadsworth  (Implant 356)Elbow, Total: Wadsworth (Implant 356)
Wadsworth Total Elbow Prosthesis. No further information availab ... [more]
Elbow, Total: Dee (Implant 336)Elbow, Total: Dee (Implant 336)
Contents Dee (Roger Dee) Metal to metal Hinged CoCr Constra ... [more]
Elbow, Total: Mazas (Implant 358)Elbow, Total: Mazas (Implant 358)
Contents Mazas Total Elbow Prosthesis Metal to metal Constrai ... [more]
Elbow, Total: McKee (Implant 342)Elbow, Total: McKee (Implant 342)
Contents McKee (G.K. McKee) Total Elbow Prosthesis Metal-to-me ... [more]
Encore Foundation (Implant 4277)Encore Foundation (Implant 4277)
FOUNDATION; implanted approximately 1992 Courtesy of Wm. Scott ... [more]
Encore Foundation (Implant 4278)Encore Foundation (Implant 4278)
FOUNDATION; implanted approx 1992 Courtesy of Wm. Scott Burrell ... [more]
Encore Reverse TSA (Implant ID 406)Encore Reverse TSA (Implant ID 406)
Encore Reverse Total Shoulder prosthesis. Salvage prosthesis for ... [more]
Enders Nail (Implant 259)Enders Nail (Implant 259)
Enders Nails in humerus Manufacturer: Unknown ... [more]
Endlock Tumor Prosthesis (Implant 4254)Endlock Tumor Prosthesis (Implant 4254)
Endlock Tumor Prosthesis Courtesy of Dr med Leonhard E. Ramseie ... [more]
Ewald Resurfacing Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 90)Ewald Resurfacing Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 90)
Ewald Resurfacing Total Elbow Prosthesis, manufactured by Howmedi ... [more]
Grosse-Kempf Nail (Implant 273)Grosse-Kempf Nail (Implant 273)
Grosse-Kempf Interlocking Femoral Nail. First generation interloc ... [more]
Hand, CMC Joint:  Daumen-Sattelgelenk (Implant 311)Hand, CMC Joint: Daumen-Sattelgelenk (Implant 311)
Daumen-Sattelgelenk Prothese. From a collection of photographs ... [more]
Hand, CMC Joint:  de la Caffiniere (Implant 312)Hand, CMC Joint: de la Caffiniere (Implant 312)
This image came from a collection of photographs given to the Ame ... [more]
Hand, CMC Joint:  Mayo  (Implant 314)Hand, CMC Joint: Mayo (Implant 314)
CMC Joint: Mayo, Developmental. This image came from a collecti ... [more]
Hand, CMC Joint:  Mayo STT (Implant 313)Hand, CMC Joint: Mayo STT (Implant 313)
CMC Joint: Mayo STT, Developmental. This image came from a col ... [more]
Hand, CMC Joint:  St. Georg-Bucholz (Implant 315)Hand, CMC Joint: St. Georg-Bucholz (Implant 315)
CMC Joint: St. Georg-Bucholz. This image came from a collectio ... [more]
Hand, CMC Joint:  Steffee  (Implant 316)Hand, CMC Joint: Steffee (Implant 316)
Steffee From a collection of photographs given to the American ... [more]
Hand, MCP Joint:  Cutter-Niebauer (Implant 317)Hand, MCP Joint: Cutter-Niebauer (Implant 317)
Cutter-Niebauer MCP Prosthesis This image came from a collectio ... [more]
Hand, MCP Joint:  Flatt  (Implant 318)Hand, MCP Joint: Flatt (Implant 318)
Flatt MCP Prosthesis. Stainless steel. [Ignore plastic prosthes ... [more]
Hand, MCP Joint:  Garcia-Moral MCP (Implant 326)Hand, MCP Joint: Garcia-Moral MCP (Implant 326)
MCP: Garcia-Moral MCP Prosthesis This image came from a collec ... [more]