Implant Identification
Zivash MOM (Implant 4032)

Zivash MOM (Implant 4032)

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Implant Identification

Biomet AGC (Implant 3346)Biomet AGC (Implant 3346)
AGC Modular 1 tibial tray Courtesy of Bryan Goodson:  Thou ... [more]
Biomet Holland Nail (Implant 285)Biomet Holland Nail (Implant 285)
Holland Nail. Intramedullary fixation for proximal femoral fract ... [more]
Biomet OSS Total Femur (Implant 4210)Biomet OSS Total Femur (Implant 4210)
Biomet OSS Total Femur Courtesy of Kevin Nowicki; Precision Ins ... [more]
Biomet OSS Total Femur (Implant 4211)Biomet OSS Total Femur (Implant 4211)
Biomet OSS Total Femur Courtesy of Kevin Nowicki; Precision In ... [more]
Biomet Precontoured Distal Tibial Plate (Implant 635)Biomet Precontoured Distal Tibial Plate (Implant 635)
Anterolateral precontoured distal tibial plate used for a tibial ... [more]
Birmingham (Implant 819)Birmingham (Implant 819)
Birmingham Resurfacing Total Hip Prosthesis Courtesy of Jack Bo ... [more]
Bosworth Screw (Implant 430)Bosworth Screw (Implant 430)
Bosworth screw with flat head. Requires a blade or cross head sc ... [more]
BP Cages and Sextant Screws (Implant 47)BP Cages and Sextant Screws (Implant 47)
BP-Lordotic cages (Spine-Tech) Sextant percutaneous pedicle screw ... [more]
Braun-Cutter Thumb TJA (Implant 333)Braun-Cutter Thumb TJA (Implant 333)
Fluoro view of cemented total joint arthroplasty of thumb using B ... [more]