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Alumi-Hand (Prod 8063 C315.1)Alumi-Hand (Prod 8063 C315.1)
The Alumi-Hand is the unique, patented, ready-to-use surgical h ... [more]
Alvarado System (Prod 150106 C115.1)Alvarado System (Prod 150106 C115.1)
A positioner system that allows ready access to the knee as well ... [more]
AquaCast® Hipster® Protective Liners (Prod 170630 C717.15)AquaCast® Hipster® Protective Liners (Prod 170630 C717.15)
Thin, waterproof and breathable protective cast liners that provi ... [more]
AquaCast® Liner (Prod 12034 C717.15)AquaCast® Liner (Prod 12034 C717.15)
Thin, waterproof and breathable cast liner that offers ease of ap ... [more]
Arch Assist™ Palm Support (Prod 3120S915)Arch Assist™ Palm Support (Prod 3120S915)
Soothing, massage-like support for the palm of the hand. Whethe ... [more]
BeeWell Patient Guide Apps  (Prod 1703168 C517.1)BeeWell Patient Guide Apps (Prod 1703168 C517.1)
Custom apps for practices and hospitals that guide patients throu ... [more]
Berkette Beach Chair Limb Positioner Kit (FP 1504221.415)Berkette Beach Chair Limb Positioner Kit (FP 1504221.415)
For Use With ARTHREX® TRIMANO® Shoulder Positioner AR- ... [more]
C-thru Acrylic Armboard (Prod 7700 C315.1)C-thru Acrylic Armboard (Prod 7700 C315.1)
Transparent Support; that's the whole idea behind the C-Thru Hand ... [more]
Carpal Correct™ (Prod 3119S915)Carpal Correct™ (Prod 3119S915)
20 page manual that includes stretching and conditioning exercise ... [more]
Carpal Tunnel Knife, Single Use, 7 1/2Carpal Tunnel Knife, Single Use, 7 1/2" (Prod 5021 C115.1)
The MPR Carpal Tunne Knife blade is double-shielded to protect th ... [more]
Carpal Tunnel Retractor (Prod 5022 C115.1)Carpal Tunnel Retractor (Prod 5022 C115.1)
Reusable retractor that elevates tissue off the transverse ligame ... [more]
Carter Hand Surgery Hand Table (Prod 7901 C315.1)Carter Hand Surgery Hand Table (Prod 7901 C315.1)
This table and traction accessories allow for the easy applicatio ... [more]
Cloud 9 Medical Gel Products, Sample Pad (Prod 6962.25S)Cloud 9 Medical Gel Products, Sample Pad (Prod 6962.25S)
For pressure relief, cushioning, impact and anti-vibration applic ... [more]
Digi Grip (Prod 8065 C315.1)Digi Grip (Prod 8065 C315.1)
The Digi Grip provides traction during wrist arthroscopies and ca ... [more]
Electric Epidural Positioning Device (Prod 151121C1115.1)Electric Epidural Positioning Device (Prod 151121C1115.1)
For Lumbar and Cervical Placements Encourages flexion while mai ... [more]
Endoscope Repair Services (Prod 7900 C316.1)Endoscope Repair Services (Prod 7900 C316.1)
The best repair service at the best price with the best turn-arou ... [more]
Erin Face Mask (FP 1412316.415)Erin Face Mask (FP 1412316.415)
For Use With SMITH & NEPHEW® T-MAX™ Beach Chair (7210 ... [more]
for[CME]  (Prod 1503301 C415.1)for[CME] (Prod 1503301 C415.1)
for[CME] allows you to earn CME credits for something you already ... [more]
Golden Magnetic Retriever (Prod 8719 C115.1)Golden Magnetic Retriever (Prod 8719 C115.1)
Breaking a blade tip or part of a jaw in the joint is a situation ... [more]
Hensler Bone Press  (FP 12062)Hensler Bone Press (FP 12062)
Ingenious device that collects bone fragments from blood suctione ... [more]
Hermanator Knee Positioning Pad (FP 1412317.415)Hermanator Knee Positioning Pad (FP 1412317.415)
For Use With IMP® DEMAYO KNEE POSITIONER® 803 AND 803S ... [more]
Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever (FP 1407307.415)Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever (FP 1407307.415)
Comparable to SMITH & NEPHEW® HEWSON® Suture Retriever 7111-1 ... [more]
HotDog® Clinician Warming Vest (Prod FP 7919-1016)HotDog® Clinician Warming Vest (Prod FP 7919-1016)
You never have to shiver again! Warms chest, shoulders a ... [more]
HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)
Warm patients safely during orthopedic implant surgery with air-f ... [more]
Hourglass Hand Table (Prod 2632 C117.1)Hourglass Hand Table (Prod 2632 C117.1)
Carbon fiber hand table with ntegrated clamp, adjustable leg, and ... [more]
Hy-Tape® in Multicut Hospital Tubes (Prod 4417 S116.1)Hy-Tape® in Multicut Hospital Tubes (Prod 4417 S116.1)
Waterproof, latex-free surgical tape with soothing zinc-oxide in ... [more]
ICE20 Compression Therapy Wrap for Female Breasts (Prod 1707272)ICE20 Compression Therapy Wrap for Female Breasts (Prod 1707272)
Four 9" refillable ICE20 bags Durable mesh carry bag Fits Si ... [more]
ICE20 Compression Therapy Wrap, Knee, Single (Prod 1502046S)ICE20 Compression Therapy Wrap, Knee, Single (Prod 1502046S)
Combination of compression and cold therapy Fits left or right ... [more]
Instrument Makar Leg Holder (Prod 8917 C115.05)Instrument Makar Leg Holder (Prod 8917 C115.05)
The original Surgical Assistant designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson. ... [more]