Implant Identification

Cable Pins (Implant 3760)Cable Pins (Implant 3760)
Identified by Philip Konkel MD, Orthopedics and Hand Surgery, Men ... [more]
Cannulated Screw (Implant 252)Cannulated Screw (Implant 252)
AP: 3.5 mm Stainless Steel cannulated screw for medial epicondyle ... [more]
Cannulated Screw (Implant 253)Cannulated Screw (Implant 253)
Lateral: 3.5 mm Stainless Steel cannulated screw for medial epico ... [more]
Centerpulse Druck Scheibe (Implant 30)Centerpulse Druck Scheibe (Implant 30)
Druck Scheibe Prosthese Thrust Plate Total Hip (Formerly Centerpu ... [more]
Charnley (Implant 3992)Charnley (Implant 3992)
Original Charnley total hip prosthesis with Teflon cup. Note sev ... [more]
Condylar Plate (Implant 272)Condylar Plate (Implant 272)
Condylar Buttress Plate for distal femur. First generation implan ... [more]
Coonrad-Morey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 149)Coonrad-Morey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 149)
Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis, Lateral View Courtesy of ... [more]
Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 148)Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 148)
Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis, AP View Courtesy of Robe ... [more]
Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 196)Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 196)
Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis; 8-yr. follow-up; inserted ... [more]