Implant Identification

DePuy ALPS (Implant 4209)DePuy ALPS (Implant 4209)
Lateral of Ankle fracture fixation with the Depuy ALPS system rel ... [more]
DePuy ASR Cup & Summit Stem (Implant 4213)DePuy ASR Cup & Summit Stem (Implant 4213)
ASR 300 Cup w/ Head & Summit PF Stem Courtesy of Kevin Nowicki; ... [more]
DePuy Brantigan (Implant 50)DePuy Brantigan (Implant 50)
Brantigan Cages and Miami-Moss Pedicle Screws Courtesy of Mark ... [more]
DePuy Corail with Pinnacle Cup (Implant 4269)DePuy Corail with Pinnacle Cup (Implant 4269)
60/ f had Primary THR for displaced intra capsular fracture neck ... [more]
DePuy LPS (Implant 4255)DePuy LPS (Implant 4255)
DePuy LPS Dist. Fem. Replacement, with rotating platform Rev. Tib ... [more]
DePuy Orthogenesis (Implant 169)DePuy Orthogenesis (Implant 169)
ORTHOGENESIS Limb Preservation System (LPS; 78 yo male with h/o l ... [more]
DePuy Pritchard Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 102)DePuy Pritchard Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 102)
Pritchard Total Elbow Arthroplasty, AP Courtesy of Robert Adams ... [more]
DePuy Pritchard Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 104)DePuy Pritchard Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 104)
Pritchard ERSS Total Elbow Arthroplasty, Lateral Courtesy of Ro ... [more]
DePuy Solution (Implant 4270)DePuy Solution (Implant 4270)
Uncemented Solution long stem - Porous coated with distal cylind ... [more]
DePuy Stability Stem, Duraloc Cup (Implant 168)DePuy Stability Stem, Duraloc Cup (Implant 168)
DePuy Stability Hip with Duraloc Cup. Identified by Mark Hawkins ... [more]
DePuy Synthes Recon Plate (Implant 265)DePuy Synthes Recon Plate (Implant 265)
3.5 mm Locked Reconstruction plate used as a neutralization plate ... [more]
Dynamic Condylar Screw (Implant 288)Dynamic Condylar Screw (Implant 288)
Dynamic Condylar Screw (DCS) for C-3 distal femur fracture. Impla ... [more]
EBI Biomet (Implant 636)EBI Biomet (Implant 636)
Courtesy of Douglas R. Dirschl, MD; UNC Orthopaedics; Chapel Hill ... [more]
Edwards Modular (Implant 385)Edwards Modular (Implant 385)
Edwards Modular System. Added information from Synthes Spine Re ... [more]
Elbow, Hemireplacement:  Stevens-Street (Implant 360)Elbow, Hemireplacement: Stevens-Street (Implant 360)
Stevens-Street Hemireplacement Elbow Prosthesis. Titanium condyl ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Coonrad (Implant 337)Elbow, Total: Coonrad (Implant 337)
Coonrad Total Elbow Prosthesis. Hinged. Polyethylene bushing. ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Dee  (Implant 336)Elbow, Total: Dee (Implant 336)
Dee (Roger Dee). Metal to metal, hinged, CoCr. Constrained. T ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Ewald  (Implant 345)Elbow, Total: Ewald (Implant 345)
Ewald Total Elbow Prosthesis. Cobalt-chrome-polyethylene. Uncon ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Gschwend-Scheier-Bahler (Implant 338)Elbow, Total: Gschwend-Scheier-Bahler (Implant 338)
Elbow: GSB (Gschwend-Scheier-Bahler) Total Elbow Prosthesis. Hi ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Howmedica Custom (Implant 357)Elbow, Total: Howmedica Custom (Implant 357)
Howmedical Custom Total Elbow Prosthesis. Two-piece Vitallium hi ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  HSS  (Implant 346)Elbow, Total: HSS (Implant 346)
Hospital for Special Surgery Total Elbow Prosthesis. Semi-constr ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  London  (Implant 347)Elbow, Total: London (Implant 347)
London Total Elbow Prosthesis. No further description available. ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Mayo  (Implant 348)Elbow, Total: Mayo (Implant 348)
Mayo Clinic Total Elbow Prosthesis. Unconstrained. 3 Components ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Mazas (Implant 358)Elbow, Total: Mazas (Implant 358)
Mazas Total Elbow Prosthesis. Metal to metal. Constrained. Fr ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  McKee (Implant 342)Elbow, Total: McKee (Implant 342)
McKee (G.K. McKee) Total Elbow Prosthesis. Metal-to-metal. Co-C ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Pritchard-Walker  (Implant 349)Elbow, Total: Pritchard-Walker (Implant 349)
Pritchard-Walker Total Elbow Prosthesis. Loosely constrained. H ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Pritchard-Walker II (Implant 350)Elbow, Total: Pritchard-Walker II (Implant 350)
Pritchard-Walker II Total Elbow Prosthesis. No further informati ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Schlein  (Implant 359)Elbow, Total: Schlein (Implant 359)
Schlein Total Elbow Prosthesis. Semi-constrained. Metal (co-cr) ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  Shiers  (Implant 340)Elbow, Total: Shiers (Implant 340)
Shiers' Elbow Prosthesis. Metal-to-metal. Hinged. Constrained. ... [more]
Elbow, Total:  St. Georg-Bucholz  (Implant 364)Elbow, Total: St. Georg-Bucholz (Implant 364)
St. Georg-Bucholz. Constrained. Metal and HDPE. From a collec ... [more]