Implant Identification
Synthes Nail (Implant 269)

Synthes Nail (Implant 269)

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Implant Identification

Orthosphere Tarso-Metatarsal Implants (Implant 389)Orthosphere Tarso-Metatarsal Implants (Implant 389)
Orthosphere Tarso-Metatarsal Implants. Courtesy of Albert Marr, ... [more]
Osteonics Omega Hip Screw (Implant 15)Osteonics Omega Hip Screw (Implant 15)
Osteonics Omega Plus Hip Screw Courtesy of Adam S. Bright, M.D. ... [more]
Osteonics Omniflex & PSL (Implant 410)Osteonics Omniflex & PSL (Implant 410)
Osteonics Omniflex Stem and PSL Cup Courtesy of Clint Boomgarde ... [more]
Osteonics Omniflex & PSL Cup (Implant 411)Osteonics Omniflex & PSL Cup (Implant 411)
Osteonics Omniflex Stem and PSL Cup. Courtesy of Clint Boomgard ... [more]
Osteonics Secure-Fit HA (Implant 140708)Osteonics Secure-Fit HA (Implant 140708)
Osteonics THA Secur-Fit HA PSL Cluster Acetabular Shell ... [more]