Implant Identification

Synthes Calcaneous Plate (Implant 236)Synthes Calcaneous Plate (Implant 236)
Calcaneous plate. Titanium. Courtesy of  Steve Schelkun, M ... [more]
Synthes Cannulated Blade Plate (Implant 217)Synthes Cannulated Blade Plate (Implant 217)
Cannulated blade plate (AP) for proximal humerus fractures. Examp ... [more]
Synthes Cannulated Blade Plate (Implant 218)Synthes Cannulated Blade Plate (Implant 218)
Cannulated blade plate (LAT) for fixation of proximal humerus fra ... [more]
Synthes Cannulated Screws (Implant 241)Synthes Cannulated Screws (Implant 241)
7.3 mm Stainless Steel Cannulated screws. Self tapping tip. Cou ... [more]
Synthes Cannulated Screws (Implant 297)Synthes Cannulated Screws (Implant 297)
3.5 mm Cannulated screws for stabilization of LisFranc Fx-Disloca ... [more]
Synthes Cortical Screws (Implant 296)Synthes Cortical Screws (Implant 296)
3.5 mm cortical screws for stabilization of LisFranc Fx-Dislocati ... [more]
Synthes DCS (Implant 222)Synthes DCS (Implant 222)
Dynamic Condylar Screw (DCS) for fixation of proximal and distal ... [more]
Synthes DHS (Implant 60)Synthes DHS (Implant 60)
Dynamic Hip Compression Plate / Dynamic Hip Screw Courtesy of J ... [more]
Synthes L. Plate (Implant 163)Synthes L. Plate (Implant 163)
HTO Fixation with Synthes L Plate Courtesy of W. Jason McDaniel ... [more]
Synthes L.I.S.S. Fixateur (Implant 224)Synthes L.I.S.S. Fixateur (Implant 224)
L.I.S.S. Fixateur (LAT) for distal femoral fractures. Titanium wi ... [more]
Synthes LCP (Implant 423)Synthes LCP (Implant 423)
Synthes LCP Dynamic Helical Hip System Courtesy of David M. Gay ... [more]
Synthes Locking Humerus Plate (Implant 18)Synthes Locking Humerus Plate (Implant 18)
Locking Humerus Plate Courtesy of Adam S. Bright, M.D.; Gulfcoa ... [more]
Synthes Locking Plate (Implant 179)Synthes Locking Plate (Implant 179)
Synthes locking plate for lateral malleolus fracture with unstabl ... [more]
Synthes Locking Prox Hum Plate (Implant 111)Synthes Locking Prox Hum Plate (Implant 111)
Referred patient with a locking proximal humeral plate applied to ... [more]
Synthes Locking Tibial Plate (Implant 22)Synthes Locking Tibial Plate (Implant 22)
Synthes Locking Tibial Plateau Plate (for Bicondylar Fx) Courte ... [more]
Synthes Malleolar Screws (Implant 295)Synthes Malleolar Screws (Implant 295)
4.5 mm Malleolar screw in 5th MT for treatment of Jones Fx. Note ... [more]
Synthes Nail (Implant 269)Synthes Nail (Implant 269)
AP Proximal femur (Subtroch Fx) Titanium, Cannulated femoral nail ... [more]
Synthes PFN (Implant 286)Synthes PFN (Implant 286)
PFN Proximal Femoral Nail. Available in Europe. Not released in U ... [more]
Synthes PFN (Implant 287)Synthes PFN (Implant 287)
Lateral of PFN (Proximal Femoral Nail). Available in Europe. Not ... [more]
Synthes PHN (Implant 220)Synthes PHN (Implant 220)
Proximal Humerus Nail (PHN) with spiral blade for fixation of pro ... [more]
Synthes PHN (Implant 83)Synthes PHN (Implant 83)
Synthes Proximal Humeral Nail. (Note blade-like device for purch ... [more]
Synthes PHN with spiral blade (Implant 221)Synthes PHN with spiral blade (Implant 221)
Proximal Humerus Nail (PHN) with spiral blade (Lateral). Flange o ... [more]
Synthes Proximal Humeral Locking Plate (Implant 206)Synthes Proximal Humeral Locking Plate (Implant 206)
AP of 4-part proximal humerus fracture fixed with Proximal Humeru ... [more]
Synthes Proximal Humerus Locking Plate (Implant 205)Synthes Proximal Humerus Locking Plate (Implant 205)
AP and Lateral of 4-part proximal humerus fracture fixed with Pro ... [more]
Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 247)Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 247)
AP Proximal tibia plate. First generation anatomic plates, not lo ... [more]
Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 248)Synthes Proximal Tibial Plate (Implant 248)
Lateral of first generation anatomic proximal tibia plates. Not l ... [more]
Synthes Screws (Implant 290)Synthes Screws (Implant 290)
Mortise view of ankle: 3.5 mm cortical screw as syndesmosis screw ... [more]
Synthes Screws (Implant 291)Synthes Screws (Implant 291)
Lateral view of ankle: 3.5 mm cortical screw as syndesmosis screw ... [more]
Synthes Syncage (Implant 392)Synthes Syncage (Implant 392)
Syncage and Anterior Locking Plate Courtesy of Mark Rodger, MD; ... [more]
Synthes Syncage (Implant 393)Synthes Syncage (Implant 393)
Syncage and Anterior Locking Plate Courtesy of Mark Rodger, MD; ... [more]