Implant Identification

Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 282)Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 282)
Original Gamma Nail. Circa 1987. Note 10 degree proximal bend and ... [more]
Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 283)Howmedica Gamma Nail (Implant 283)
Trochanteric Gamma Nail. Second generation. Note 4 degree proxima ... [more]
Howmedica Geometric (Implant 160)Howmedica Geometric (Implant 160)
Geometric TKR Courtesy of W. Jason McDaniel, MD; Raleigh Orthop ... [more]
Howmedica HD2 (Implant 63)Howmedica HD2 (Implant 63)
Photo submitted as an unknown by Dr. Hundley. Inserted in Charlo ... [more]
Howmedica ODC Stem (Implant 14)Howmedica ODC Stem (Implant 14)
Howmedica ODC cemented femoral stem Courtesy of Adam S. Bright, ... [more]
Howmedica Polycentric (Implant 157)Howmedica Polycentric (Implant 157)
Lateral view of Polycentric Unicompartmental Knee Courtesy of ... [more]
Howmedica Polycentric (Implant 158)Howmedica Polycentric (Implant 158)
AP view of Polycentric Unicompartmental Knee Courtesy of Jaso ... [more]
Howmedica Recon Nail (Implant 59)Howmedica Recon Nail (Implant 59)
T2 Reconstruction Nail for prophylactic TX breast CA Courtesy o ... [more]
Howmedica SOLAR (Implant 13)Howmedica SOLAR (Implant 13)
Howmedica/Osteonics SOLAR Hemi Shoulder for Fracture, cemented ... [more]
Howmedica Total Hip (Implant 31)Howmedica Total Hip (Implant 31)
Cemented Accolade Stem, Trident PSL Acetabulum Courtesy of Adam ... [more]
Howmedica Waldius (Implant 155)Howmedica Waldius (Implant 155)
Waldius Hinged Total Knee Prosthesis Courtesy of W. Jason McDan ... [more]
Humerus, Nail, AP:  Unidentified (Implant 707)Humerus, Nail, AP: Unidentified (Implant 707)
Humeral nail - NEEDS REMOVAL. What nail is it? ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Acumed Polaris Plus Nail (Implant 82)Humerus, Shaft: Acumed Polaris Plus Nail (Implant 82)
Polarus Plus (extra long) Nail. (Floating screw was "lost&q ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Smith & Nephew Humeral Nail (Implant 289)Humerus, Shaft: Smith & Nephew Humeral Nail (Implant 289)
AP: Smith+Nephew humeral nail for comminuted shaft fracture. Lock ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Synthes AO Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 266)Humerus, Shaft: Synthes AO Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 266)
AP of Left humerus with AO Titanium Solid humeral rod. Note AP lo ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Synthes DCP Plate (Implant 69)Humerus, Shaft: Synthes DCP Plate (Implant 69)
Synthes 4.5 DCP plate with cerclage cables/peg system used to sta ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Synthes Flexnail (Implant 219)Humerus, Shaft: Synthes Flexnail (Implant 219)
Flexnail. Titanium flexible medullary nail for fixation of humer ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Synthes Flexnail (Implant 258)Humerus, Shaft: Synthes Flexnail (Implant 258)
AP: Flexnail retrograde insertion. Derotation wires deployed from ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Synthes Humeral Rod (Implant 228)Humerus, Shaft: Synthes Humeral Rod (Implant 228)
Titanium solid humeral rod, interlocking.(Lat) Courtesy of Stev ... [more]
Humerus, Shaft:  Synthes Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 227)Humerus, Shaft: Synthes Ti Solid Humeral Rod (Implant 227)
Titanium solid humeral rod, interlocking. Also comes in canullate ... [more]
Implantat-Technologie ITS (Implant 3217)Implantat-Technologie ITS (Implant 3217)
Locked Plate ITS Courtesy of Fontes Didier, MD; Paris, France ... [more]
Integra Panta Nail (Implant 798)Integra Panta Nail (Implant 798)
Lat. View: Panta Arthrodesis Nail for tibia-talar-calcaneal fusio ... [more]
Integra Panta Nail (Implant 800)Integra Panta Nail (Implant 800)
AP View: Panta Arthrodesis Nail for Tibial Talar Calcaneal Fusion ... [more]
Intermedics (Implant 382)Intermedics (Implant 382)
Intermedics total hip prosthesis. Submitted as an unknown by Dr. ... [more]
Intermedics Natural (Implant 409)Intermedics Natural (Implant 409)
Intermedics Natural Hip System. X-ray taken 10 years post op. A ... [more]
InterMedics Natural Knee II (Implant 4268)InterMedics Natural Knee II (Implant 4268)
InterMedics Natural Knee II Courtesy of Chris Gibson; Product R ... [more]
Intermedics Titanium Plate (Implant 23)Intermedics Titanium Plate (Implant 23)
Intermedics Titanium Plate fixating perioprosthetic Fx (w. allogr ... [more]
Interpore Synergy (Implant 388)Interpore Synergy (Implant 388)
Synergy instrumentation. Courtesy of Mark Rodger, MD; Atlantic ... [more]
J & J Modular Hemiarthroplasty (Implant 240)J & J Modular Hemiarthroplasty (Implant 240)
J & J modular hemiarthroplasty prosthesis. Note the extraction ho ... [more]
J & J PFC Sigma (Implant 4233)J & J PFC Sigma (Implant 4233)
Submitted by Dr. Patel as an unidentified implant: Surgery done i ... [more]