Implant Identification

3M Latitude Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 100)3M Latitude Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 100)
Contents AP view of Latitude Total Elbow Arthroplasty Courtes ... [more]
AACORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4204)AACORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4204)
Contents AP view of Distal Femur Plate with ACCORD cerclage cab ... [more]
ACCORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4205)ACCORD Cerclage Cables plus Distal Femur Plate (Implant 4205)
Contents Lateral view of Distal Femur Plate with ACCORD cerclag ... [more]
Acumed Polaris Plus Nail (Implant 82)Acumed Polaris Plus Nail (Implant 82)
Polarus Plus (extra long) Nail. (Floating screw was "lost" durin ... [more]
AO Cannulated Screw (Implant 191)AO Cannulated Screw (Implant 191)
Use of 3.5 AO cannulated screw and k-wires for Radioscapholunate ... [more]
AO Distal Condylar Plate (Implant 267)AO Distal Condylar Plate (Implant 267)
Contents AP view of Distal Femur with AO Distal Femoral Condyla ... [more]
AO Distal Condylar Plate (Implant 268)AO Distal Condylar Plate (Implant 268)
Contents Lateral view of Distal Femur with AO Distal Femoral Co ... [more]
AO Femoral Rod (Implant 271)AO Femoral Rod (Implant 271)
Contents Proximal end of AO stainless steel femoral rod First ... [more]
Arthrex Hemiarthroplasty Shoulder Prosthesis (Implant 192)Arthrex Hemiarthroplasty Shoulder Prosthesis (Implant 192)
Contents Left shoulder hemiarthroplasty in elderly male with pa ... [more]
Ascension MCP Prosthesis (Implant 65)Ascension MCP Prosthesis (Implant 65)
Contents Ascension MCP Joint Prostheses (PyroCarbon) Courtesy ... [more]
Avanta Radial Head (Implant 242)Avanta Radial Head (Implant 242)
Contents Avanta radial head endoprosthesis Courtesy of Steve ... [more]
B. Braun Blade Plate (Implant 426)B. Braun Blade Plate (Implant 426)
Blade plate (model # KP 301) implanted 21 years prior by another ... [more]
Biomet AGC (Implant 3346)Biomet AGC (Implant 3346)
Contents AGC Modular 1 tibial tray Courtesy of Bryan Goodson ... [more]
Biomet Holland Nail (Implant 285)Biomet Holland Nail (Implant 285)
Contents Holland Nail Intramedullary fixation for proximal fem ... [more]
Biomet OSS Total Femur (Implant 4210)Biomet OSS Total Femur (Implant 4210)
Contents Biomet OSS Total Femur Courtesy of Kevin Nowicki ... [more]
Biomet Precontoured Distal Tibial Plate (Implant 635)Biomet Precontoured Distal Tibial Plate (Implant 635)
Contents Anterolateral precontoured distal tibial plate used fo ... [more]
Biomet Repecci Unicompartmental Knee Prosthesis (Implant 1810222)Biomet Repecci Unicompartmental Knee Prosthesis (Implant 1810222)
Contents AP and Lateral view x-rays of an unidentified, unicomp ... [more]
Birmingham (Implant 819)Birmingham (Implant 819)
Contents Birmingham Resurfacing Total Hip Prosthesis Courtesy ... [more]
Bosworth Screw (Implant 430)Bosworth Screw (Implant 430)
Contents Bosworth screw with flat head Requires a blade or cro ... [more]
BP Cages and Sextant Screws (Implant 47)BP Cages and Sextant Screws (Implant 47)
Contents BP-Lordotic cages (Spine-Tech) Sextant percutaneous p ... [more]
Braun-Cutter Thumb TJA (Implant 333)Braun-Cutter Thumb TJA (Implant 333)
Contents Fluoro view of cemented total joint arthroplasty of th ... [more]
Cable Pins (Implant 3760)Cable Pins (Implant 3760)
Contributed as "Unidentified" by Teresa Nosek Indiana Surgery Ce ... [more]
Cannulated Screw (Implant 177)Cannulated Screw (Implant 177)
Young male with scaphoid ORIF via percutaneous dorsal approach us ... [more]
Cannulated Screw (Implant 252)Cannulated Screw (Implant 252)
Contents AP view of 3.5mm Stainless Steel cannulated screw for ... [more]
Cannulated Screw (Implant 253)Cannulated Screw (Implant 253)
Contents Lateral view of 3.5mm Stainless Steel cannulated screw ... [more]
Centerpulse Druck Scheibe (Implant 30)Centerpulse Druck Scheibe (Implant 30)
Contents Druck Scheibe Prosthese Thrust Plate Total Hip (Formerl ... [more]
Charnley (Implant 3992)Charnley (Implant 3992)
Contents Original Charnley total hip prosthesis with Teflon cup ... [more]
Condylar Plate (Implant 272)Condylar Plate (Implant 272)
Contents Condylar Buttress Plate for distal femur First generat ... [more]
Coonrad-Morey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 149)Coonrad-Morey Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 149)
Contents Lateral view of Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow Prosthesis ... [more]