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2-Can™ Biologics Delivery System (FP 150208.920)2-Can™ Biologics Delivery System (FP 150208.920)
Device with a side-port, double-channel cannula (i.e. 2 cannulas ... [more]
3-Ply Ear Loop Disposable Face Masks (Prod 2005262)3-Ply Ear Loop Disposable Face Masks (Prod 2005262)
Features Breathable, triple-layered, disposable face mask that ... [more]
Arch Assist™ Palm Support (FP 3120.1221)Arch Assist™ Palm Support (FP 3120.1221)
Soothing, massage-like support for the palm of the hand Whether y ... [more]
Avitus® Bone Harvester (FP 1606103.620)Avitus® Bone Harvester (FP 1606103.620)
The Avitus® Bone Harvester is the only complete harvesting solut ... [more]
Carpal Clip™ (FP 210802.821)Carpal Clip™ (FP 210802.821)
For ECTR (Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release) Intended for ligame ... [more]
Carpal Correct™ (FP 3119.1214)Carpal Correct™ (FP 3119.1214)
20 page manual that includes stretching and conditioning exercise ... [more]
Cast Relief™ Spray (Prod 1601131 S419.3)Cast Relief™ Spray (Prod 1601131 S419.3)
New, PROBIOTIC, cast relief spray Allows users of all ages to r ... [more]
Device Nation Podcast Series (Pod 2004012)Device Nation Podcast Series (Pod 2004012)
by Kevin Brown "I created these podcasts to help those who are ... [more]
Doc's Way, How to Win at Golf and Life (Book 2011031)Doc's Way, How to Win at Golf and Life (Book 2011031)
by James D. Hundley and Thomas C. "Doc" Needham A struggling g ... [more]
Doty-Boyd Pattie Tray (FP 1605034.520)Doty-Boyd Pattie Tray (FP 1605034.520)
Metal tray designed to hold neuro-cottonoid patties Allows patt ... [more]
Elbow Compression Sleeve (Prod 2004181)Elbow Compression Sleeve (Prod 2004181)
Elbow sleeve that accelerates and relieves pain for those sufferi ... [more]
EZ-USE Reusable, Isolation Gowns (FP 2009301)EZ-USE Reusable, Isolation Gowns (FP 2009301)
Level 2, reusable isolation gowns Eliminates ties, which elimin ... [more]
Flow-Screw™ (FP 150208.920)Flow-Screw™ (FP 150208.920)
510K-cleared system that allows stabilization of skeletal structu ... [more]
Full Arm Waterproof Cast Cover (Prod 1904222 S419.3)Full Arm Waterproof Cast Cover (Prod 1904222 S419.3)
Waterproof cover for full arm casts Vacuum sealed technology C ... [more]
Half Arm Waterproof Cast Cover (Prod 1904221 S419.3)Half Arm Waterproof Cast Cover (Prod 1904221 S419.3)
Waterproof cast cover typically worn below the elbow Vacuum sea ... [more]
Half Leg Waterproof Cast Cover (Prod 1904223 S419.3)Half Leg Waterproof Cast Cover (Prod 1904223 S419.3)
Waterproof cover for below knee/short leg casts Vacuum sealed t ... [more]
Hip Screw, Unidentified  (Impant 220527)Hip Screw, Unidentified (Impant 220527)
Please help us learn the manufacturer and the name of this screw. ... [more]
ICE20 Compression Therapy Wrap, Knee, Single (Prod 1502046S)ICE20 Compression Therapy Wrap, Knee, Single (Prod 1502046S)
Combination of compression and cold therapy Fits left or right ... [more]
McConnell Arm & Hand Traction Wraps  (FP 9773.117)McConnell Arm & Hand Traction Wraps (FP 9773.117)
Sterile Disposables designed for use with the entire McConnell sy ... [more]
McConnell ASIP System #120  (FP 1685.117)McConnell ASIP System #120 (FP 1685.117)
Articlulated, sterile, intraoperative shoulder positioning system ... [more]
Multi Action Retractor / Plan B Retractor  (FP 9826.520)Multi Action Retractor / Plan B Retractor (FP 9826.520)
Three long, convex blades providing a rounded, deep, straight-dow ... [more]
OrthopaedicLIST Preferred Vendor ProgramOrthopaedicLIST Preferred Vendor Program
Many manufacturers are seeking additional independent distributor ... [more]
Vest designed to relieve pain from working at a computer or desk ... [more]
PICC Line Waterproof Cover (Prod 9620 S419.3)PICC Line Waterproof Cover (Prod 9620 S419.3)
Latex free, waterproof cover for Peripherally Inserged Central Ca ... [more]
PT Genie MSK Assessments (FP 2110212.1021)PT Genie MSK Assessments (FP 2110212.1021)
PT Genie MSK Assessments uses three-dimensional (3D), tri-planar ... [more]
PT Genie Virtual Rehab (FP 2110211.1021)PT Genie Virtual Rehab (FP 2110211.1021)
PT Genie Virtual Rehab is delivered via an AI-powered, mobile app ... [more]
Safe Cord™ Floor Strip (Prod 1511092S)Safe Cord™ Floor Strip (Prod 1511092S)
Safe Cord™ is a durable, disposable safety strip designed to co ... [more]
Sales Pilot Medical Sales Training Programs (Prod 20061215)Sales Pilot Medical Sales Training Programs (Prod 20061215)
Details Medical sales training programs including medical sales ... [more]
Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.520)Self-retaining Retractor (FP 1605033.520)
Radiolucent, carbon fiber, peek retractor frame ... [more]
Slide-X Pro Board (Prod 1704272S.25Slide-X Pro Board (Prod 1704272S.25
Low-friction slide board developed by a healthcare provider for a ... [more]