Product Showcase

Hensler Bone Press  (FP 12062)Hensler Bone Press (FP 12062)
Ingenious device that collects bone fragments from blood suctione ... [more]
Hermanator Knee Positioning Pad (FP 1412317.417)Hermanator Knee Positioning Pad (FP 1412317.417)
For Use With IMP® DEMAYO KNEE POSITIONER® 803 AND 803S ... [more]
Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever (FP 1407307.417)Hoffee Blue Lasso Suture Retriever (FP 1407307.417)
Comparable to SMITH & NEPHEW® HEWSON® Suture Retriever 7111-1 ... [more]
HotDog® Clinician Warming Vest (Prod FP 7919-1016)HotDog® Clinician Warming Vest (Prod FP 7919-1016)
You never have to shiver again! Warms chest, shoulders a ... [more]
HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)HotDog® Patient Warming System (Prod FP 7920-1015)
Warm patients safely during orthopedic implant surgery with air-f ... [more]
Hourglass Hand Table (Prod 2632 C117.1)Hourglass Hand Table (Prod 2632 C117.1)
Carbon fiber hand table with ntegrated clamp, adjustable leg, and ... [more]
Hy-Tape® in Multicut Hospital Tubes (Prod 4417 S116.1)Hy-Tape® in Multicut Hospital Tubes (Prod 4417 S116.1)
Waterproof, latex-free surgical tape with soothing zinc-oxide in ... [more]