Implant Identification

McKee-Farrar MOM (Implant 4033)McKee-Farrar MOM (Implant 4033)
McKee-Farrar metal-on-metal prosthesis. Developed in England in ... [more]
Medartis Quadrilateral Plate (Implant 613)Medartis Quadrilateral Plate (Implant 613)
Metacarpal osteotomy for malunion stabilized with Medartis 2.0 lo ... [more]
Medtronic Atlantis (Implant 197)Medtronic Atlantis (Implant 197)
Atlantis anterior Plate and Vertex lateral mass screws Courtesy ... [more]
Medtronic LT Cages (Implant 199)Medtronic LT Cages (Implant 199)
LT cages and Pyramid plate Courtesy of Mark Rodger, MD; Atlanti ... [more]
Medtronic Vertex (Implant 198)Medtronic Vertex (Implant 198)
Vertex lateral mass screws Courtesy of Mark Rodger, MD; Atlanti ... [more]
Mini-Condylar Blade Plate (Implant 243)Mini-Condylar Blade Plate (Implant 243)
Mini-condylar blade plate for small bone peri-articular fractures ... [more]
Morscher Isoelastic Cup (Implant 4031)Morscher Isoelastic Cup (Implant 4031)
Isoelastic acetabular component for total hip prosthesis develope ... [more]
Most® Total Femoral Replacement (Implant 429)Most® Total Femoral Replacement (Implant 429)
Most® Total Femoral Replacement Courtesy of Jack Bowling, MD / ... [more]