Implant Identification

L.I.S.S. (Implant 223)L.I.S.S. (Implant 223)
L.I.S.S. Fixateur.(AP) Titanium implant with locking screws for ... [more]
Link Endo Rotational Knee (Implant 1509111)Link Endo Rotational Knee (Implant 1509111)
AP view of dislocated total knee prosthesis. Referred from anoth ... [more]
Link Endo Rotational Knee (Implant 1509112)Link Endo Rotational Knee (Implant 1509112)
Lateral view of chronically dislocated total knee prosthesis Co ... [more]
Locking Calcaneal Plate (Implant 279)Locking Calcaneal Plate (Implant 279)
Axial view of heel with Locking calcaneal plate. Stainless Steel. ... [more]
Locking Supracondylar Plate (Implant 183)Locking Supracondylar Plate (Implant 183)
Locking supracondylar plate Courtesy of Philip Maginnes; Synthes; ... [more]
Locking Supracondylar Plate (Implant 184)Locking Supracondylar Plate (Implant 184)
Locking supracondylar plate for periprosthetic fracture Courtes ... [more]
LPS (Implant 4212)LPS (Implant 4212)
LPS Dist. Fem. w/ MBT Rev. RP Tibia Courtesy of Kevin Nowicki; ... [more]