Cost-per-Use Analysis and Reasons to use the EZ-USE Isolation Gowns

Why Choose EZ-USE reusable isolation gowns?

  1. The EASE-OF-USE of the patent pending “EZ-USE” design makes donning and doffing:

    a. Faster and easier, completely eliminating ties.
    b. Able to be doffed one handed, safely by a single user, without secondary assistance. c. More efficient, saving time and money.
    d. Safer, reducing the risk of cross contamination.
    e. More comfortable to the staff, potentially increasing compliance.
    f. Eliminates the need for additional staff members to don and doff for others.

  2. It is 100% Made in the USA and Berry Compliant:

    a. Green Leaf Medical Solutions, LLC is headquartered in Summerville, SC.
    b. The premium ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 2 fabric is produced in North Carolina. c. The EZ-USE gown is manufactured in Swainsboro, GA.

    1. This allows for fast turnaround time; from P.O. to delivery in as little as 2 weeks.
    2. Decreases the risk of delayed shipments from international manufacturing.
    3. Increases availability vs. international manufacturing.
    4. Allows for constant and complete oversight of production; less risk of delays and

      receipt of faulty product.

    1. With reusable isolation gowns, you will always have a fresh supply of gowns each day.
    2. Covid-19 taught us that the availability of important PPE equipment can disappear faster than than we can reorder it, without any warning, putting you in a crisis situation.

    c. Using “Conservation Methods” was a bandaid on a bullet hole, which lead to some getting unnecessarily sick, and is no longer permissible according to Joint Commission.

    1. Reusable isolation gown utilization allows for constant availability of supply, no matter the situation.
    2. Decreases the stress and hassle of having to constantly reorder sub-par, inferior gowns, over and over again, saving your time for more important things.
  4. COST, plain and simple.
    1. With up to 50 uses per reusable isolation gown, the cost per use is about the
      same as pre-covid pricing pricing for disposable gowns, even with the cost to launder included.
    2. The average cost of the EZ-USE gown is $26.50/gown (depending on volume).

    c. Divide $26.50 by 50 uses and the cost per use is $0.53 cents per use.

    1. Due to recent shortages and price gouging in the PPE marketplace, the cost of

      disposable gowns has skyrocketed to prices in excess of $5.00+ per gown. In this

      current situation, the cost for the EZ-USE gown is significantly LESS EXPENSIVE.

    2. Regardless of the cost of single use disposable gowns, over the life of the EZ-USE

      Reusable Isolation Gown, including cost to launder (see below), it saves you money.

  5. But what about the cost to launder?

    a. The average cost to launder reusable gowns is $0.35 (cents/pound). The EZ-USE gowns weighs 13.9oz. Thats 87% of 1 pound equating to circa $0.30 per washing.

    b. Once you add the $0.53 cents/use/gown to the $0.30 cents/wash/gown, the total cost of the EZ-USE gown is approximately $0.83 cent/per use.

    c. That is only $0.83 cents per use vs. as high as $5.00 per disposable.
    d. Even pre-Covid pricing would have a hard time competing with that, plus the quality of

    product, ease of use, comfort, convenience, availability, and overall appearance, is worth so much more!

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Disposable Gowns








$0.86(includes laundry costs)






Example Scenario #1:

If your facility uses 1000 isolation gowns/week:

Cost per Unit:
Number Needed/week: Cost to Purchase: Number of uses per gown: Time to Reorder:
Cost to Launder:
Total cost per use:
Total cost/50 weeks:

Savings every 50 weeks:

Example Scenario #2:


If your facility uses 10,000 isolation gowns/week:

Disposable: $4.00

1000 $4,000 1 Weekly $0



EZ-USE: $28.00

500 $14,000

50 Weeks

$0.30 $0.86


Disposable: $4.00

10,000 $40,000 1

Weekly $0 $4.00


EZ-USE: $28.00 5,000 $140,000

50 Weeks

$0.30 $0.86


Cost per Unit:
Number Needed/week: Cost to Purchase: Number of uses per gown: Time to Reorder:
Cost to Launder:
Total cost per use:
Total cost/50 weeks:

Savings every 50 weeks:
Disclaimer: Prices given in example scenarios are averages. Some prices may be subject to change

$1.78 Million