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Protect Your Patient’s Non-Operative Leg with The Montgomery Knee Board

by Thomas Montgomery, M.D.

Helping O.R. Staff Regain Confidence in Patient Positioning

Your surgical team is doing all that they can to keep patients safe but they simply cannot see what is going on underneath surgical drapes. Circulating nurses and patient positioning teams must be thorough and efficient but positioning the well-leg during arthroscopic knee procedures is a serious challenge. Current devices do not get the job done; foam pads slip, bulky metal positioners are heavy and get in the surgeon’s way, rolled sheets flatten. The Montgomery Knee Board secures the non-operative leg easily, quickly and safely.

The Montgomery Knee Board is light, affordable and works easily with any foam pad to help your surgical team regain their confidence in your operating room. This is achieved in three simple steps:

  1. Slip The Montgomery Knee Board in between the bed cushion and the surgical bed
  2. Place any foam pad on top of the device
  3. Rest assured that the patient’s well-leg is secured throughout the procedure

“My surgical staff used to have a difficult time properly and safely positioning a patient’s well leg during arthroscopic knee procedures. Pads and various types of “holders” were stuffed underneath the well-leg in an attempt to provide support; however current technology seemed to adjust during surgery. Slippage can lead to all sorts of unforeseen issues with the well leg, that’s why we created The Montgomery Knee Board.”

– Thomas J. Montgomery, MD – Surgeon and Inventor

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