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Protect Your Patient’s Non-Operative Leg with The Montgomery Knee Board

by Thomas Montgomery, M.D.

Helping O.R. Staff Regain Confidence in Patient Positioning

Your surgical team is doing all that they can to keep patients safe but they simply cannot see what is going on underneath surgical drapes. Circulating nurses and patient positioning teams must be thorough and efficient but positioning the well-leg during arthroscopic knee procedures is a serious challenge. Current devices do not get the job done; foam pads slip, bulky metal positioners are heavy and get in the surgeon’s way, rolled sheets flatten. The Montgomery Knee Board secures the non-operative leg easily, quickly and safely.

The Montgomery Knee Board is light, affordable and works easily with any foam pad to help your surgical team regain their confidence in your operating room. This is achieved in three simple steps:

  1. Slip The Montgomery Knee Board in between the bed cushion and the surgical bed
  2. Place any foam pad on top of the device
  3. Rest assured that the patient’s well-leg is secured throughout the procedure

“My surgical staff used to have a difficult time properly and safely positioning a patient’s well leg during arthroscopic knee procedures. Pads and various types of “holders” were stuffed underneath the well-leg in an attempt to provide support; however current technology seemed to adjust during surgery. Slippage can lead to all sorts of unforeseen issues with the well leg, that’s why we created The Montgomery Knee Board.”

– Thomas J. Montgomery, MD – Surgeon and Inventor

Learn more by clicking on The Montgomery Knee Board.



Hensler Bone Press Launched in December 2012

May 1st, 2013 

by Sean Hensler, PA-C (Neurosurgery) and Thomas Melin, MD (Neurosurgeon)

Wilmington, NC, USA: The Hensler Bone Press launched in the United States and in select countries internationally on December 18, 2012. It is a Class 2, 510K exempt device, FDA-approved for use. European launch is expected in March of 2012 following CE certification. Contact information for a trial is available on  Then do a Quick Search for Hensler Bone Press to go to that listing.

During the course of many operative procedures, bone is removed with the use of high speed drills. The bone removed with this technique is usually discarded. Unfortunately, this discarded bone is an excellent source of autologous bone graft for fusion procedures — if separated from blood and other tissues. The Hensler Bone Press (HBP) is a new, innovative device proven to maximize the collection and separation of this previously discarded material to yield high quality autologous bone graft. This device produces compressedviable autologous bone which is immediately available for use. Many orthopedic, neurosurgical, maxillofacial and podiatry cases involve bone fusion where bone grafting is mandatory. Though many options for bone graft exist, autologous bone graft is universally accepted as the “gold standard”. All other options (synthetic and biologic) attempt to duplicate the characteristics of autologous bone but none has achieved all of these characteristics. This fact, coupled with the high cost of synthetic and biologic grafting options, renders them inferior to autologous bone graft. Though this device may not completely eliminate the need for synthetics or biologics, it will significantly diminish the use of these products. In summary, the HBP is an easy to learn, cost effective device proven to yield high quality autologous bone graft, which will decrease, if not eliminate, the need for synthetic and biologic options.

Founded in May 2011, Hensler Surgical Products, LLC is a Wilmington, NC-based medical device company dedicated to finding and developing innovative products that help to cut costs within health care. Friends and colleagues, Sean Hensler, a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant, and Dr. Thomas Melin, Neurosurgeon, formed Hensler Surgical Products, as a way to conceive, develop and introduce leading surgical innovations into the medical field. Hensler Surgical’s first product to market is the Hensler Bone Press, an innovative 2 stage device, designed to both collect and separate blood from valuable autologous bone generated by the high speed drill during surgical bone fusion grafting procedures while not interrupting the flow of the case.

Why Every OR Needs a SpeedBump™ Knee Positioner

by Allison Ellis

What is a SpeedBump™, you ask?  Simply put, a SpeedBump™ is an automated, hands-free knee positioning device that can be used during almost any knee surgery. It can be placed on any standard operating room table and goes under the sterile drapes. It is invisible to the eye during the surgery but definitely does not go unnoticed. The SpeedBump™ allows the surgeon to effortlessly and quickly move the knee to any position needed with just the step of a foot pedal. It can allow the leg of the patient to fully flex and fully extend, unlike with a sandbag or similar product. The foot isn’t locked into place like on stationary positioning devices, which allows for even more freedom to manipulate the leg as needed. And for the patients that need even more stabilization with the device, there is a stationary hip pad that rests up against the hip and thigh of the patient for added support. There is no need for an assistant to hold the leg during the entire operation, which causes less fatigue and allows the assistant to be more productive with their time in the OR. All of this makes for a better overall operating room experience.

The SpeedBump™ is not only great for the surgeon, but is also cost effective for the hospital or surgical center. Since the device is underneath the sterile field during the entire operation, there is no need to autoclave it, which reduces turnover time between cases. Simply wiping the device and foot pedal with a sanitizing wipe is all that’’s really needed. Disposables for the foot pedal and rotating foot bump are also available which would reduce the turnover time even more. The

SpeedBump™ takes less than 60 seconds to attach to the table and remove from the table and takes less than 60 seconds to move from full flexion to full extension.

The device can be purchased or rented, depending on the needs and demand of the hospital. And there is a free trial period for every hospital or doctor that wants to try it out. Simply put, the SpeedBump™ will change the OR experience in a positive manner, for everyone who uses it. Let us help improve your OR time today.

You can see more about the SpeedBump™ by clicking here.