Conservative Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Shoulder Stiffness

These innovative Rehab Products are designed to help individuals experiencing musculoskeletal disorders like shoulder impingement, hand pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.  The products are all based on sound biomechanical principles and can be seen by clicking on the following links:

The Arch Assist provides soothing, massage-like support to the arch of the hand without restricting normal movement.  This is a great product for anyone who uses a computer for long periods or experiences symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Carpal Correct program is the answer to the question:  “What can I do to help carpal tunnel syndrome at home.”  This low cost e manual provides stretches and massage techniques that are based on recent research

Shoulder “Pros” are physical and occupational therapists who work directly with shoulder problems. “  The Shoulder Pro enables you to move your shoulder in an arc, the way therapists mobilize the shoulder. If you are serious about improving your shoulder range of motion on your own, please consider the “Shoulder Pro”.