Implant Identification

Zimmer Nexgen (Implant 2699)Zimmer Nexgen (Implant 2699)
Nexgen LPS Flex Femur MIS Tibia with 75mm drop down extension C ... [more]
Zimmer Plates (Implant 637)Zimmer Plates (Implant 637)
Medial precontoured distal tibial and recontoured distal fibular ... [more]
Zimmer Retrograde Nail (Implant 4261)Zimmer Retrograde Nail (Implant 4261)
98 yr old frail female patient with periprosthetic fracture above ... [more]
Zimmer STH-1 (Implant 3826)Zimmer STH-1 (Implant 3826)
STH-1. Titanium head did not withstand long term survival. Cou ... [more]
Zimmer STH-2 (Implant 3993)Zimmer STH-2 (Implant 3993)
STH-2 Prostheses. Made of Titanium alloy and developed in the mi ... [more]
Zimmer VerSys System (Implant 176)Zimmer VerSys System (Implant 176)
VerSys Hip System Beaded FullCoat Femoral prosthesis with a Trilo ... [more]
Zivash MOM (Implant 4032)Zivash MOM (Implant 4032)
Made in Russia in the mid 1970s. Metal on metal. Femoral head c ... [more]