Regeneration Agents

Product Listings for Regeneration Agents
Amnio F (Prod 1801182)
Amnio F is rich with the basic components necessary for tissue re ... [more]
AmnioCord (Prod 1803064)
AmnioCord is a minimally manipulated, dehydrated, non-viable cell ... [more]
AmnioFill (Prod 1803063)
AmnioFill is Human Placental Tissue Allograft that is intended fo ... [more]
AmnioGen Injectables (Prod 170129)
Next-generation tissue matrices that have been specifically engin ... [more]
AmnioGen Pads (Prod 170130)
Next-generation tissue matrices that have been specifically engin ... [more]
AmnioPro-A™ (Prod 1708242)
Flowable placental tissue matrix allograft designed for ambient t ... [more]
AmnioPro-C (Prod 1601152)
AmnioPro-C is a HydraTek™ Process tissue matrix derived from hu ... [more]
AmnioPro™ SportsMed (Prod 1601153)
AmnioPro™ SportsMed products are HydraTek™ Process allografts ... [more]
AmnioPUR Liquid Allograft (Prod 1412132)
Multipurpose, chorion free, cryopreserved allograft, derived from ... [more]
Amniotic Fluid (Prod 1802271)
Applications for Genesis Amniotic Fluid: Inflamed Nerves Intra ... [more]
Amniotic Membrane (Prod 1802272)
Applications for Genesis Amniotic Membrane: Wound Care Acute A ... [more]
Apaceram (Prod 7662)
APACERAM (hydroxyapatite), is a biocompatible ceramics technolog ... [more]
ART BMC and BMC Plus (Prod 1606301)
The ART BMC and BMC Plus features integrated fibers for plasma co ... [more]
ART PRP and PRP Plus System (Prod 11673)
The ART PRP system processes autologous blood effectively and eff ... [more]
Axograft™ (Prod 150329)
Axograft is a Dual Layer Amniotic Membrane that is processed with ... [more]
Spineway develops a range of bone substitutes in order to improve ... [more]
BioBurst Fluid (Prod 1802126)
BioBurst Fluid is an umbilical cord blood (UCB) derived cellular ... [more]
BioDExCel (Prod 1407318)
The ExCel™ (AmnioExCel) Amniotic Extracellular Membrane is a s ... [more]
BioDfactor™ (Prod 11052011)
Structural tissue matrix derived from amniotic material. ... [more]
BioFix Regenerative Biologics (Prod 150116)
The BioFix Regenerative Biologics products are biologic allograft ... [more]
bioflow™ (Prod 1801274)
bioflow™ is a multipurpose, frozen allograft derived from amnio ... [more]
Bioinductive Implant (Prod 130809)
Our bioinductive implant, derived from bovine Achilles tendon is ... [more]
bioplex™ (Prod 1801273)
bioplex™ is a amnion membrane derived from human placental tiss ... [more]
Cellesta™ (Prod 1801133)
Cellesta™ is a minimally manipulated amnion product that is del ... [more]
Collage (Prod 1501135)
Collage displays the highest similarity to young and healthy huma ... [more]
Conexa Reconstructive Tissue Matrix (Prod 11184)
Sterile. Ready to use. Supports regeneration. Conexa provides a c ... [more]
Cyclone Bone Marrow Concentrate System (Prod 1406295)
Bone Marrow Concentrate System that utilizes a proprietary system ... [more]
Cygnus (Prod 1705057)
Cygnus is a regenerative tissue matrix that has innate regenerati ... [more]
Extracellular Matrix (ECM) (Prod 160312)
Our decellularized technology derived from native ECM (Extracellu ... [more]