Regeneration Agents

Product Listings for Regeneration Agents
MaioRegen (Prod 11135)
MaioRegen is a three-dimensional matrix which mimics the entire o ... [more]
MarBrane (Prod 160421)
MarBrane is an amniotic tissue membrane product harvested from pl ... [more]
MarrowXpress (MXP) System (Prod 9887)
Complete system solution. The MarrowXpress™ System consists ... [more]
MarrowXpress™ (MXP) System
Complete system solution The MarrowXpress™ System consist ... [more]
Membrane Patch™ (Prod 0904193)
Membrane Patch™ is a dehydrated human amnion membrane (dHAM) al ... [more]
META-LINK® D Dry & H Hydrated Amnion Tissue Membrane (Prod 150929)
Product that is derived from amniotic tissue and is an immune-pri ... [more]
META-LINK® Flowable Amnion Tissue Matrix (Prod 150929)
Immune-privileged allograft that provides a structural matrix to ... [more]
MyOwn Skin™ (Prod 0904192)
MyOwn Skin™ is a painless, non surgical procedure which leverag ... [more]