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Product Listings for DePuy Synthes Spine, Inc
PERPOS System (Prod 8157)
PERPOS™ System is a complete set of instruments engineered ... [more]
PerX360 System (Prod 11435)
Percutaneous Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion System, the P ... [more]
PIPELINE Access System
The PIPELINE Access System permits 3-dimensional visualization of ... [more]
PROFILE Anterior Fixation System
The Profile system is a titanium, universal plate and screw syste ... [more]
PROTI 360° (Prod 1804282)
PROTI 360° are an Integrated Titanium Family of interbody device ... [more]
Ransford Loop (Prod 1667)
To surgically stabilize and assist bony fusion of the cervical sp ... [more]
Scoliscore is a saliva-based genetic test designed to predict the ... [more]
A semi-rigid system intended for anterior cervical intervertebral ... [more]
SOF'WIRE Cable System
The Sof'Wire Cable System is a Stainless Steel and Titaniuim cab ... [more]
Songer Cable System (Prod 1079)
Intended for compressive spinal fusion constructs, as a translati ... [more]
SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulator
Portable, battery-powered bone growth stimulator used as an adjun ... [more]
Stackable Cage
Provides anterior column support for single or multilevel corpect ... [more]
The SUMMIT™ SI OCT System offers a system for rigid posteri ... [more]
Surgical Positioning Board
The Surgical Positioning Board is a four-post patient positioning ... [more]
SWIFT Plus Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plating (ACP) Systems (Prod 8850)
SWIFT Plus includes the Corpectomy Plate, designed for maximum v ... [more]
SYNAPSE Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic (OCT) System (Prod 150131)
SYNAPSE Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic (OCT) System with posterior c ... [more]
SYNAPSE™ System (Prod 150328)
The SYNAPSE™ System uses 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm titanium alloy rod ... [more]
SYNFLATE Vertebral Balloon
The SYNFLATE Vertebral Balloon is semi-elastic with material stif ... [more]
Ti Synex II Vertebral Body Replacement (Prod 9918)
This product was reportedly recalled on Sept. 14, 2009. ... [more]
TiMX Comprehensive Low Back System
Versatile, allowing the surgeon to choose between rod or plate co ... [more]
Trippi-Wells Tong
The Trippi-Wells* and Universal tongs were developed for situatio ... [more]
Uniplate Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 5168)
Midline screw vertebral body system for one or two level fusion p ... [more]
University Plate System
Titanium alloy. Anterior system consisting of plates, bolts and s ... [more]
Low-profile, dual side-opening screws and hooks for spinal deform ... [more]
USS Pediatric
A further development of the USS Universal Spine System with low ... [more]
USS Universal Spine System
Part of the USS Universal Spine System F ... [more]
Variable Screw Placement VSP
A plate and screw system designed to treat degenerative condition ... [more]
VEPTR®/VEPTR II™ (Prod 141212)
The VEPTR®/VEPTR II™ or Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titaniu ... [more]
VertiGraft VG1 Cervical Bio-implant
The VG1 Cervical is an allograft that is freeze-dried so it can b ... [more]
Viper 3D MIS Correction Set
The Viper is an instrumentation system designed specifically ... [more]