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Product Listings for DePuy Synthes Spine, Inc
Expedium Vertebral Body Derotation (VBD) (Prod 10445)
To help correct spinal alignment and decrease rib rotation in pat ... [more]
Expedium™ Anterior Spine System (Prod 4769)
Semi-rigid thoracolumbar system ... [more]
FRONTIER Anterior Deformity System
The FRONTIER™ Anterior Deformity System was developed specifica ... [more]
HALM-ZIELKE instrumentation (Prod 2801)
scoliosis correction instrumentation ... [more]
Healos (Prod 1875)
Healos® is an implantable osteoconductive bone grafting material ... [more]
ISOLA/VSP Spine System (Prod 1073)
A comprehensive and versatile hook, rod and screw system that can ... [more]
The smooth rod design allows for rod contouring to correct kyphos ... [more]
The LEOPARD® System is made of carbon fiber reinforced polyme ... [more]
Lumbar I/F CAGE System
A carbon fiber reinforced polymer implant designed to separate th ... [more]
M-2 Anterior Plate System
The M-2 Anterior Plate system is intended to be an upper thoracic ... [more]
The MATRIX spine system accommodates both open and minimally inva ... [more]
Moss Intradiscal Instruments
The Intradiscal Instruments are designed to provide distraction o ... [more]
Moss Miami 5.5 Ti
A universal hook, rod, and screw system designed to treat various ... [more]
Mountaineer Laminoplasty System
MOUNTAINEER® Laminoplasty System is a system of implants ... [more]
Mountaineer™ Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic Spinal System (Prod 6365)
The Mountaineer™ Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic Spinal System is a s ... [more]
NFix II Dynamic Pedicle Screw and Rod System
For stabilization of the lumbar spine as an adjunct to fusion. P ... [more]
NFlex Controlled Motion System
NFlex™ is a titanium pedicle screw / rod system with a desi ... [more]
NGarde Rod System
NGarde™ Rod pedicle screw and rod system was developed for ... [more]
OCELOT Stackable Cage System (Prod 8117)
The OCELOT Stackable Cage System consists of one or more stackab ... [more]
Opticage Expandable Interbody Fusion Device (Prod 151201)
The Opticage Expandable Interbody Fusion Device is an expandable ... [more]
OptiGraft Inserter (Prod 160409)
OptiGraft Inserter: Offers opportunity to fill the Opticage with ... [more]
Demineralized bone matrix that meets the standards for safety, qu ... [more]
OSSpine (Prod 8345)
OSSpine product for use in anterior fixation of the cervical spin ... [more]
Pannett Forceps (Prod 150605)
Also known as Pannett Duodenal Forceps and Allen Intestinal Anast ... [more]
PEAK Anterior Compression Plate
Intended for supportive stabilization of the anterior cervical sp ... [more]
Pediatric ISOLA
A solution for the surgically difficult challenges of scale posed ... [more]
PercuDyn System (Prod 8158)
PERCUTANEOUS Bilateral Facet-Augmentation System for treating deg ... [more]
Percutaneous Dynamic Stabilization (PDS) System (Prod 7578)
The Percutaneous Dynamic Stabilization system is the first and on ... [more]