Outflow / Spill Collection

Product Listings for Outflow / Spill Collection
Abbi Absorbent Mat (Prod 11989)
Absorbs more, faster, absorbing 19x its weight in liquid and twic ... [more]
Absorb-O-Mat O.R. Floor Mat (Prod 150409)
Optimal wicking, absorption and retention capabilities; Does NOT ... [more]
AquaVac & AquaVac-S (Prod 1503092)
The AquaVac and AquaVac-S represent an effective and economical s ... [more]
AquaVac ACL-300 (Prod 1503093)
AquaVac ACL-300 is a 50"by 33" double mat system fabricated from ... [more]
ArthroVac Floor Suction System
The ArthroVac Floor Suction System consists of a reusable floor s ... [more]
Big & Thirsty Absorbent Floor Mats
For orthopaedic arthroscopy procedures. Available in sizes up to ... [more]
Black Hole
Uses special super wicking DuPont Coolmax® fibers. Works by c ... [more]
Dri-Safe™ Absorbent Pads (Prod 1610082)
Absorbent pads Super-absorbent, disposable, and economic ... [more]
Environ-mate® Suction-Drain™ Systems (Prod 5109)
Part of the DM6000 Series, the wall-mounted Environ-mate® Suctio ... [more]
FloOR-Dry Disposable Floor Pads (Prod 6821)
The white FloOR-Dry Pad offers the highest absorption capacity on ... [more]
Fluid Diamond™ Floor Aspirator (Prod 1610083)
Floor aspirator Faster, effective, quieter fluid collect ... [more]
13,000 ml disposable collection canister. Easy to transport. Elim ... [more]
Lint free and disposable pads. Cost-effective alternatives to lau ... [more]
LISA (Super Absorbent Powder) (Prod 3394)
Let Lisa solve your problems with liquid on the floor. Lisa trans ... [more]
PIG Grippy Surgical Absorbent Mat Pad and Roll (Prod 12166)
Mat with special Grippy backing won't slide, shift or curl during ... [more]
PIG Surgical Absorbent Mat Pad and Roll (Prod 12167)
8-layer pads absorb and retain up to 3 liters to help keep your O ... [more]
PIG Surgical Floor Skimmer (Prod 12168)
Cloverleaf shape directs liquids into the suction channel for max ... [more]
Floor aspirator. Uses wall suction by way of collection canister. ... [more]
Promethean Fluid Control Island® (Prod 10730
The Promethean Fluid Control Island® family of products are all ... [more]
Puddle Guppy
Disposable floor aspirator to quickly remove fluid from O.R. floo ... [more]
No longer available. ... [more]
PuddleVac Floor Suction Device (Prod 1622)
Catalog # 9321 ........... PuddleVac Floor Suction Device, Sing ... [more]
Quick Wick (Prod 7768)
Absorbs water, saline, blood, Betadine, body fluids, cold sterili ... [more]
Rapidex - Absorbent Mat (Prod 11825)
Absorbent single use mat, mainly used on operating tables and bed ... [more]
No longer available. ... [more]