Outflow / Spill Collection

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Sam (Super Absorbent Mat) (Prod 3393)
Sam collects and binds liquid hygienically and safely without dri ... [more]
Specimen Collector
Catalog # 60-3950-083: Sterile, single use specimen collector w ... [more]
The Squid 3-into-1 fluid collector lets you quickly connect multi ... [more]
StableVac and RestrictedFlow™ Technology
The StableVac system applies Poiseuille�s theory of flow, where ... [more]
STARDUST Super Absorbent (Prod 5026)
Available in bags, bottles, and zip lock bags. Absorbs any liqui ... [more]
Suction Mat Classic or Super Glide
Large enough for two people to stand on. Firm, supportive Flex-me ... [more]
SurgiSafe Absorbent Floor Pads are used for the control of blood ... [more]
SurgiSafe EvacMat
Quiet and easy to use.  Combines the function of absorption ... [more]
The EcoSuctioner™ (Prod 1610084)
Latest version of the suction, comfort mat Bigger, light ... [more]
The Mini Mat™  (Prod 9315S)The Mini Mat™ (Prod 9315S)
Patented, anti-microbial, disposable, surgical mat addressing 3 i ... [more]
The Rx1 Mat™ (Prod 11809S)The Rx1 Mat™ (Prod 11809S)
Reusable Anti-Fatigue Mat with exceptional comfort and cushioning ... [more]
The Smooth Mat™ (Prod 11808S)The Smooth Mat™ (Prod 11808S)
Disposable, Anti-Fatigue, Floor Mat A very economical, ergonomi ... [more]
The Suctioner™ (Prod 10019)
Anti-microbial, disposable surgical mat incorporating powerful su ... [more]
The Surgical Mat™  (Prod 8721S)The Surgical Mat™ (Prod 8721S)
Patented, anti-microbial, disposable, surgical mat addressing 3 i ... [more]
Transposal System
The Transposal System consists of the Safety Station and High Flu ... [more]
TwoVu ST Outflow Cannula
Slips over scope sheath and provides three-portal-type visual cla ... [more]
A unique, patented drainage port enables the Vac-U-Port canister ... [more]
WaterBoom Quiet Floor Suction Device
Creates a dam to hold back, contain, and quietly suction an unlim ... [more]
The WaterBug is a quiet floor suction system for controlling infe ... [more]
No longer available. Listed to help prior users find the company ... [more]