Outflow / Spill Collection

Product Listings for Outflow / Spill Collection
PIG Grippy Surgical Absorbent Mat Pad and Roll (Prod 12166)
Mat with special Grippy backing won't slide, shift or curl during ... [more]
PIG Surgical Absorbent Mat Pad and Roll (Prod 12167)
8-layer pads absorb and retain up to 3 liters to help keep your O ... [more]
PIG Surgical Floor Skimmer (Prod 12168)
Cloverleaf shape directs liquids into the suction channel for max ... [more]
Floor aspirator. Uses wall suction by way of collection canister. ... [more]
Promethean Fluid Control IslandĀ® (Prod 10730
The Promethean Fluid Control IslandĀ® family of products are all ... [more]
Puddle Guppy
Disposable floor aspirator to quickly remove fluid from O.R. floo ... [more]
No longer available. ... [more]
PuddleVac Floor Suction Device (Prod 1622)
Catalog # 9321 ........... PuddleVac Floor Suction Device, Sing ... [more]