Wire Tighteners / Wire Twisters

Product Listings for Wire Tighteners / Wire Twisters
Harris Wire Knot Tightener
Wire tightener suitable for 18 and 20 gauge wire. ... [more]
Jet Wire Twister and Robinson Jet Wire Twister (Prod 8923)Jet Wire Twister and Robinson Jet Wire Twister (Prod 8923)
Stainless steel tool used for Luque wire loops. Uses technology ... [more]
Loute / Bowen Wire Tightener (Prod 8922)Loute / Bowen Wire Tightener (Prod 8922)
The Loute/Bowen Wire Tightener is designed to avoid the small nic ... [more]
Wire Spanner / Twister (Prod 7977)
Wire Spanner Stainless Steel with Scale to 125 kg Span tension f ... [more]
Wire Twister & Cutter
Combination wire twister with cutter. ... [more]
Wire TwistersWire Twisters
Sizes 6" with TC inserts & 3mm tip and 8" with TC inserts & 4mm t ... [more]
Wire Twisters (Prod 10953)
Single action:  6 mm head, 7":  5 mm head, 8".  Co ... [more]