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Advansor TF Procedure Kit (Prod 10475)
The Advansor TF™ is a sterile, single-use surgical instrument i ... [more]
Alumi-Hand (Prod 8063)
The Alumi-Hand is the unique, patented, ready-to-use surgical h ... [more]
BladeRunner Trigger Finger Release (Prod 5599)
1/12/16: This product is no longer available. Handheld dissect ... [more]
Carpal Clip™ (FP 210802.821)Carpal Clip™ (FP 210802.821)
For ECTR (Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release) Intended for ligame ... [more]
Carpal Tunnel Retractor (Prod 5022)Carpal Tunnel Retractor (Prod 5022)
Reusable retractor that elevates tissue off the transverse ligame ... [more]
CHESS Surgery System
CHESS is an instrument system for small procedures. It is a set o ... [more]
Digi Grip (Prod 8065)
Provides traction during wrist arthroscopies and casting procedur ... [more]
DuraHand (Prod 8064)
Reusable, easy to sterilize surgical hand immobilizer Le ... [more]
Flexor Tendon Repair Tools (Prod 9941)
Sheath Retractor - Acting as a funnel shoehorn, the novel transpa ... [more]
Hand Instrument Sets (Prod 11264)
Available for basic hand surgery, reconstructive or perforator fl ... [more]
Hand Surgery Instruments (Prod 3523)
In addition to the complete range of general surgical instruments ... [more]
Modular Hand System (Prod 3524)
We produce a modular osteosynthesis system. It is a modular syste ... [more]
Multiple Small Bone Products (Prod 4990)
Currently more than 42 products on the market. 16 are indicated f ... [more]
Nail Drill Bit (Prod 4310)
The standard procedure for relief of subungal hematoma is the use ... [more]
Peripheral Nerve Holding Forcep (Prod 4085)
When applied to a periperheral nerve, this holding forceps with a ... [more]
SafeGuard Mini Carpal Tunnel Release System (Prod 4759)
Two-component system Disposable knife that comes in several siz ... [more]
Seg-WAY Endoscopic Release System (Prod 1601201)
Minimally invasive, single-portal endoscopic release system for c ... [more]
Stratos ECTR System (Prod 1851)
Now with a clear cannula for endoscopic carpal tunnel release. ... [more]
Tupper's Universal Hand Holder and Retractor Set (Prod 4084)
Tupper's Universal Hand Holder and Retractor Set enables the surg ... [more]