Nerve & Tendon Grafts / Tubes

Product Listings for Nerve & Tendon Grafts / Tubes
Avance® Nerve Graft (Prod 4147)
Allograft tissue for bridging nerve discontinuities. Decellulari ... [more]
AxoGuard Nerve Connector (Prod 10568)
Coaptation aid allowing for close approximation of severed nerves ... [more]
AxoGuard® Nerve Protector (Prod 10567)
3-dimensional extracellular matrix that supports regeneration, he ... [more]
Biologically-Active Plastics (Prod 2006123)
Biologically-active plastics from blood plasma for treating injur ... [more]
BTB Select
An innovative allograft that provides precision sized tendons for ... [more]
Collagen Nerve Cuff
The Collagen Nerve Cuff is a kink resistant tubular membrane desi ... [more]
CuffPatch™ (Prod 9753)
For rotator cuff repair To support and accelerate healing of t ... [more]
Resorbable protective film that minimizes tissue attachments and ... [more]
FortaGen (Prod 9752)
FortaGen® for rotator cuff surgery repairs the tendons that c ... [more]
Hydrosheath™ (Prod 9839)
Nerve cuff implant designed to restore function and sensation to ... [more]
Inforce Reinforcement Matrix
The Inforce Reinforcement Matrix is a biological implant with hig ... [more]
NeuraGen Nerve Guide
The NeuraGen™ Nerve Guide is an absorbable collagen tube de ... [more]
NeuraWrap Nerve Protector
For the protection of compressed, scarred, or partially injured n ... [more]
Neuroflex Flexible Collagen Nerve Cuff
NeuroFlex is a resorbable, flexible, semi-permeable collagen-base ... [more]
Neurolac Nerve Guide
Transparent. Bioresorbable. Clinically-tested, tension-less repai ... [more]
Neurolac Nerve Guides (Prod 2662)
Neurolac nerve guide technology is comprised of bioresorbable tu ... [more]
NeuroMend™ Collagen Nerve Wrap (Prod 8422)
Description Resorbable, collagen-based rolled membrane matrix i ... [more]
Neurotube (Prod 1253)
Bioabsorbable nerve conduit made of polyglycolic acid (PGA). ... [more]
Nonsutured Tendons Allograft(Prod 150208)
Allograft Achilles, Double Strand Tendon, Quadriceps Tendon, Quan ... [more]
OrthoPure™ HT (Prod 1708207)
OrthoPure™ HT is donated human tendon that has been processed u ... [more]
OrthoPure™ XT (Prod 1708205)
OrthoPure™ XT is a porcine tendon that has been processed using ... [more]
REVOLNERV (Prod 150530)
REVOLNERV is a bioabsorbable nerve regeneration guide manufacture ... [more]
SaluBridge (Prod 4148)
Cuff designed to provide a protective environment utilizing an en ... [more]
Tendon Wrap (Prod 10989)
Bioresorbable protective sheet that can be utilized for the prote ... [more]