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A.T. S. 2000 Tourniquet System (Prod 5875)
A.T. S. 2000 Tourniquet System has dual displays that monitor cuf ... [more]
A.T.S.® 4000 Personalized Pressure™ Tourniquet System (Prod 141216)
The new A.T.S. 4000 doesn’t just stop blood flow. It calculates ... [more]
Alloclassic Hip (Prod 1520)
Previously available from Centerpulse. ... [more]
Alloclassic Revision Hip
Previously available from Centerpulse. ... [more]
Alvarado Surgical Knee Holder (Prod 916)
Knee holder for arthrotomies ... [more]
Ambulatory Pump (ZAP)
A post-operative pain pump with a multirate infusor allowing the ... [more]
Anatomic BR
Tivanium Alloy with Ti-Nidium Surface Hardening Process ... [more]
Anatomic CP
Tivanium Alloy with Ti-Nidium Surface Hardening Process ... [more]
Anatomic Option
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) Alloy ... [more]
Anatomic Porous
Tivanium Alloy with Ti-Nidium Surface Hardening Process ... [more]
Anatomic Precoat
Cobalt-Chrome (Zimaloy) Alloy with a PMMA coating ... [more]
Anatomical Shoulder Fracture System
Designed for anatomical reconstruction of articular proximal hume ... [more]
Anatomical Shoulder System
Primary, Reverse / Inverse, and fracture stems ... [more]
Apollo Knee System
Total condylar knee. Previously available from Centerpulse. ... [more]
Arcos One-Piece Femoral Revision System (Prod 160311)
The Arcos One-Piece Femoral Revision system offers three fully po ... [more]
Augmentation Patella
To help compensate for defects in the patella during revision tot ... [more]
BIAS Total Hip System
Total hip system. ... [more]
Bigliani/Flatow Total Shoulder
Total shoulder arthroplasty ... [more]
Bio-Statak Resorbable Suture Anchor (Prod 361)
BIOABSORBABLE: PLLA (L-lactic acid), the 5.0 mm Bio-Statak Devic ... [more]
Blood Reinfusion System
The Blood Reinfusion System is an easy-to-use postoperative blood ... [more]
Boehler Cast Breaker
Dimensions- 10 1/8 in. Long (26cm), 3 1/4 in. Jaw Length (8mm), 2 ... [more]
BRIGIT Bone Resection Instrument Guide
BRIGIT replaces the traditional instruments used to place and rem ... [more]
Cable-Ready Cable Grip System (Prod 348)
Cannulated Screws Magna-Fx
4.0mm and 5.0mm Mini Magna-Fx Screws & 7.0 mm diameter Magna-Fx s ... [more]
Cast Cutter II (Prod 5892)
High RPM, high-torque motor provides power for cutting all types ... [more]
Cast Spreader
1 in. max. spread(3cm), Dimensions- 8 3/4 in. Long (22cm). Stain ... [more]